downton abbey

The second season of Downton Abbey starts on Sunday!
I am SO excited!
I adore this show! It is absolutely amazing, and stunning and... well... perfect.
The story and the acting and the time period and the gorgeous costumes... it doesn't get much better than this show!
If you want to catch up you can watch the first season here. I literally went through it in a few days, it is that good.


  1. mmm....
    we already have had the second season
    and I loved it all again
    those dresses!!
    the language
    yes, it is perfect


  2. ohh i lovee this show! i want it to start in australia now!!

  3. I just watched the first season in 3 days! This show is AMAZING!

  4. Netflix isnt available in my country it says:( Nothing is available in here:(

  5. I love that so many people are into this show!
    it is amazing

  6. I found your blog when Fossil posted about you...brilliant work! Love. And your blog is amazing.
    I HAD to comment on this post because I'm obsessed with Downton Abbey. I'm watching it online right now, actually. Kind of the best show on TV.