herriott grace


I just adore these amazing and beautiful and delicious photos!
The light, and colors, and styling, and compositions... I love love love!
They are like modern Dutch Still Life paintings. 

All from the wonderful and inspiring Forty-Sixth at Grace blog. 
The photos below are from a new collection created by Nikole and her father, who has been a woodworker since the seventies, read about their sweet collaboration here. And you can see more of his amazing work, and her delicious looking food and perfect styling in their shop, here.

I don't know why I am so taken by beautiful photos of food lately, maybe it is because I am getting a kitchen table (I know it is silly to be so excited about a kitchen table, but I am), or maybe it is because I am getting ready to go on a cleanse. What ever the reason, there is no denying that these are lovely photos. 


  1. Wow... gasp indeed! These are truly stunning images! Found your blog via your Etsy shop, where I had to gasp again. Your drawings extended from vintage photographs are some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I'm planning to blog about them in the next couple of days! I only wish I had a spare $400 to buy one :)

  2. HI Leanda
    you are so sweet. thank you for your kind words. I am working on a whole new set of drawings, I am planning on having some less expensive smaller ones in there too. keep your eyes open for Feb!