product porch

When I was at the MCASD on Saturday I popped into Product Porch. This amazing shop is curated by Brooks Hudson Thomas (of Specific) and Blaire Dessent (of Vitrine). They both have such an unique eye for awesome design. I am always floored when I walk into any space they have created, it is always overflowing with talent and beautiful objects that I haven't seen anywhere else. They are continually finding really interesting artists to showcase and collaborate with. 
I snapped a few photos, but they aren't the best because I was so overwhelmed by all the awesomeness at every turn, and was chatting with Brooks as he was updating me on all their recent projects.
If you are near by be sure to pop in! The store will be open until February 5th, and then will reopen on March 22nd with the new exhibition at the museum. And on February 5th they will be opening a new location in La Jolla. Be sure to check their blog to follow what exciting things they are up to!

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  1. Lauren! thank you so much for this awesome bit of info! i never knew about the MCASD and am bummed that i missed the last exhibit, but i am super stoked that i know about product porch! how cool and inspiring! i'm gonna try and make it over there and check it out. maybe make a little day trip out of it with elijah!

    as always, such great nourishment for the crative and artisitc mind from you! thank you***