Greek wreath c. 330-250 BC

Has anyone else noticed how magical the Sun has felt recently?
Especially if you live in Los Angeles, you know how amazing the last week of weather has been. The sky is bluer, the Sun seems brighter, 
and the sunrises and sunsets have been out of this world.

Well, the Sun has been having solar flares, and last Tuesday was the first day we felt their impact here on earth. It is the strongest storm since 2005, 
and it affects our electro-magnetic field, which includes satellites, computers and us! Yep... it affects all the energy systems of our body. 
And you may have felt it the last few days: more vibrations, more anxious or irritable. 
Try to stay grounded and connect with nature and the earth.

I tend to pay a lot of attention to the Moon, and less to the Sun, until now. Many civilizations prior to ours knew the power of the Sun, 
and I am grateful to be reminded of its greatness and power. I have had many conversations over the past month about how special 2012 is, 
and will be. Something is happening, an opening of energy, and lots of things are being realized and manifested and coming together for everyone I know. 
It is a powerful time. 
I think this is a year of spiritual quickening, and I believe the Sun has a huge part in that. 

Today I give thanks to the Sun!

Also - some non-related exciting news. I am featured on the awesome blog A Collection Of.
A special thank you to them!


  1. Thank you, Lauren! We love having you on our site. And thank you for this note about the sun. I've been amazed by the sky and the sunsets all this week. Out of this world.

  2. It does feel like a magical year. Thanks for the insight about the sun, I love learning about this!