bits & blooms

Lots of flowers in my life these days! 
If you live in LA then you know the weathers has been beautiful, and the air smells of sweet blooms, and the wind has been magically whipping around! I love this time of year. I picked the flowers above to take to the Sound Bath tonight. They smell amazing, and I love the small window of time that they bloom each year. I have been giving lots of bouquets of these the past two weeks.
{white vase/jug made by the talented Ben Medansky, keep you eyes open for him, he is about to blow up! you can find his work newly at iko iko}

It was my sweet friend and neighbors birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday Kelly!

Ava napping under her stingray toy.

I potted some new plants by my door. 
And the two in the bottom photo on the right are new. 
I love the one in the middle! It just makes me smile. 

Beautiful flowers from Lili for Valentines Day.

And an amazing Valentine of a hummingbird, drawn by my amazing friend Ann.

I feel really lucky to have such special, talented, and loving friends.

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend.



  1. lauren - i am dying over that bouquet of flowers! so, so stunning. and really loving your succulents you've got goin' on! beautiful.

  2. all your flowers and plants are so pretty, I had to comment.

  3. >< flower power ><