full moon

full moon

The Full Moon is this Tuesday, February 7th (at 1:54 pm PST), at 19 degrees in the expressive and creative sign of Leo.  Leo energy tends to bring out the dramatic, emotional expressions of your inner child. 
Also, the planets Venus and Uranus are aligned in the firey sign of Aries, bringing insights into your relationships. You may feel inspired to express yourself in unusual and creative ways. You will probably notice that you are feeling more rebellious and seeking liberation from the rules and mores of society.  Let go of your attachments to people, concepts and public image and allow your rebellious, inner child to express itself!  If you notice yourself acting more outrageous than usual - go with it!  This is your opportunity to upstage your 'normal' personality and express yourself with unbridled enthusiasm.

I am totally feeling the energy of Aries these past few days!
I was just talking to Lili about feeling like I wanted to break free from the mold. Especially the mold of what it means to be a young woman, what I keep thinking I am supposed to be doing, and wanting, and looking like. It has been really weighing on me and making me very frustrated. And I guess the way around it is to not give it attention and to remember that childhood feeling of marching to my own drummer! 
What do you all think about this? Do you feel this? How do you move through it?

the full moon information is from this wonderful astrologer. 
and that beautiful video above is by Kaspar Lerchwho. as i have said before, there is something so special about the light in southern california. 
i found this video on the awesome tumblr ermie. 


  1. My boyfriend and I were both born during Leo Moons! I wonder how this will effect us...

  2. just recently discovered your blog ;)
    LOVE this video. great find!

  3. lauren how amazing! i wrote about light today too, except in a different way! how connected we are! i am ordering you the book today--i think it will help with the feelings you've been having lately ;)

    much LOVE xo lili

  4. ah, how i love being a leo. "dramatic, emotional expressions of your inner child" - so perfect.

    i think the older you get the more you start to think about those kinds of things, especially in your thirties! i also think it's important to let yourself have these feelings and not be too hard on yourself, as us women tend to be!

  5. thanks ladies!

    thanks miss lili - i can't wait to read that book!!! ;)

    and thank you joanna! so wise. yes, i think we can all be too hard on ourselves... especially if you are a triple scorpio, like me ;) i think we make it harder than it needs to be. i'm working on that.


  6. Thanks, Lauren...
    I thought this video was so lovely when I came across it. I agree with you about the light in California possessing a special quality--it definitely inspired my SS '12 collection.

    I agree with Joanna too--I love being a Leo and I've certainly been experiencing some "dramatic, emotional expressions of my inner child" of late!