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I'm just over the moon about this round of My Ten Favorite Things! It is an amazing one!
I am thrilled to introduce you to Christopher Daniels. I first met him through my dear friend Christine, at one point the three of us lived on the same street in Silverlake. And I kept hearing about how perfectly curated his home was, and I feel honored that I got to spend an afternoon looking around and hearing amazing stories about his collection of curiosities. You know the saying, "Oh so and so is an artists artist", well Christopher is truly a collectors collector. In college he studied Fine Art and Graphic Design. He moved to LA where he has worked at an interior design firm, an event planning company, a branding firm and for himself as brand manager. There is really nothing he can't do, he has an amazing eye. He is a wonderful gardener and bartender, and always arrives to a party perfectly dressed!
I am so excited to have Christopher share his ten favorite things!


 My dog Banjo (Full name Beaux Jangles)
Rescued from a shelter in Pasadena, he is my best buddy. Valiant, ever vigilant, and super soft and cuddly, 
I can't help but rank him as number 1.

My Fathers Weather Station
This is a Barometer, Thermometer, and Hygrometer . This has always been in my home since I was little, and possibly the beginning of my nautical object obsession. He was a Sailor in the Navy, and an avid fisherman. Neither of which gave me the ability to avoid sea sickness. 

My Grandfathers pocket knife
This horn handled pocket knife was worn by my Grandfather, every day that I could remember. He was a fisherman, farmer, and Furniture maker that cared for everyone around him.

Bucks Head
A recipient of seasonal adornment, this fella was found locally in Silverlake, but welcomes all guests that come to the house. The antlers make for perfect points to hang things from.

A Taxidermy Horseshoe Crab
I'm obsessed with these roaming battle tanks of the sea. They hold secrets to eternal life in their bright blue blood and have been on the planet for around 250 million years and are more closely related to scorpions than crabs. 

Vintage broach from Lille, France
Scavenging flea markets is something that requires patience. I found this while in Paris, and since it has become the favorite of my Broach collection. The quality and ornateness of the filigree I think is the perfect accent on any blazer. 

Cluster of Memories
I have a tree that I like to hang dangly treasures in. These were remnants from a group art project entitled "Mapping Memories". Each ribbon contains the name of something that no longer exists in L.A., that is remembered fondly by it's creator. 

Succulent Pot
I started collecting succulents when I moved to Los Angeles. On every walk I would be sure to bring a little snippet of one home. For my last birthday I asked that my best friends just give me a plant that they thought represented themselves. This is the collection of them.

18th Century Bird Print
I'm not really sure how my obsession with birds began. I had them as pets growing up, and was always interested in bird watching. It was also my favorite section of the zoo. To me now, they represent freedom. I found this print on my first trip to London, while walking along the Thames in one of those under-bridge book markets. While picking this out I also met someone that I ended up falling in love with.

Pencil Sea Urchin
I guess I have an appreciation for animals that have developed a natural form of defense. This is my favorite variety of Urchin, and favorite piece in my shell collection. I typically try to find shells on any trip near the ocean. There is such a vast array of colors and textures to be discovered. 

Guess what?!
Christopher's home was so amazing that just ten photos won't do. 
So, check back on Monday when I will be posting outtakes from our shoot!

Have a happy weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. This post makes me swoon in so many ways. Such a beautiful and thoughtful selection of meaningful objects. So amazing. Love you both so much. And Banjo, too. XOXO