studio days

The studio this afternoon.
I thought I would share a little of what is going on in there lately.
I have been working on some new ideas, making a lot of these malachite studies.

some times Ava likes to carry things around!

some sculptures lying around

This morning I also, finally, got to MOCA to see Under the Big Black Sun. 
For some reason I was so sad walking around, even amidst all the great art... it all started while listening to an amazing Bas Jan Ader piece... and the more I walked around looking at stuff, thinking about what was happening in the world at that time, the more sad I got. And then when I reached the Mike Kelley piece I had to leave. So sad. 
But, I was so happy to finally see Vija Celmins' brass rock piece in person (see here, scroll down).

Other than that, I have been working on a lot of Spencer Studio jobs. 
Gathering tools for my silversmithing class. 
Cooking obscene amounts of vegetables, as I am still on my cleanse. 
Taking walks with Ava. 
Watching Downton Abbey!
Life is good!


  1. Just came upon your blog very recently and I'm so glad I found it because I absolutely love your updates and the pieces that you share! Your work is gorgeous, and so are all the inspirational images you post... they all just resonate! Downton Abbey has also been monopolizing the tv at my apartment - sooo wonderful. : )

  2. Ahh Lauren - the work looks great. Can't wait to see these new pieces in person. XOXO

  3. RAD studio shots. love to see the process, piles, edges..

  4. Lauren these are just stunning! I love that emerald color! Thanks for sharing these pics.

    Jessie xo

  5. All so beautiful Lauren.

    I've been feeling sad about Mike Kelley, too.

  6. thanks so much all you lovely ladies!

  7. i want to come in for a studio visit and some tea! i cannot wait to see what becomes of your malachite studies. so pretty. i love the marble striations! thank you for such a great post ;)

  8. I love everything!!! Love the malachite studies!!! Thank you! You are a magical being!!!!