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Only a few days until Valentine's Day 
I made a bunch of cards for Cookbook's No.2 gallery space. I feel so super lucky to be a part of what they are putting together over there for Valentine's Day! Robert and Marta are just two of the coolest people I know. Everything they do is golden. And speaking of, be sure to stop by the space on Tuesday the 14th as Lili is setting up a little flower shop! What is more perfect for yourself or your love than an arrangement of wildflowers!? It does't get much sweeter than that. I can't wait to see what magical goodness Lili creates with her flowers for this special day of love. 
Read more about the flower sale here
The floral wreath cards will be for sale at No.2, and the cards on the right are being sent in the mail!

Ava... being her cute self.

Sky at dusk in my courtyard.
The season is changing here in LA, the air feels different and smells of all the new sweet blooms!
I love it.

It's been a busy week.
Just finished a really exciting Spencer Studio job that I can't wait to share with you once it is up.
I'm taking Healer Training One again this weekend (i need a little refresher)
On Wednesday I shot a new My Ten Favorite Things that I am just bursting at the seams to share with you! It is amazing!
On Sunday a dear sweet friend of mine shared some wonderful news! (you know who you are!!! yhippie)
Check out this amazing video of the sun-induced aurora's.
And this rad video of the members of Vogue Paris as Wham!

Also, I want to say a special thank you to all of my new readers and viewers. I feel really grateful for this little community! Thank you for coming back each day and leaving comments! I appreciate is so.

Bon weekend!


  1. Love the cards, L! They look great! The photos of your courtyard trees are super pretty, too! XOXO

  2. The cards are really nice, hope I can make it to the shop!

  3. your work is so beautiful!! i happened upon your blog today and i'm so happy i did!

  4. I moved to Northern California, but these gave me sweet memories of damp garden twilights in my native SoCal...thanks!