1940 & 1970

Ever since my Mum passed away, I have been slowly going through her things, and some times I feel like a treasure hunter, and some times a detective! It is a lot of work, but the exciting thing about it is that you never know what you will uncover or find. I have found some pretty amazing things, and they have become some of my most treasured belongings. 

When I was home a few weeks ago my Aunt brought over some things that my Great Uncle had given her. One was so amazing I had to share! It is a letter to my grandmother notifying her that she had been accepted to teach Dress Design at Washington University. And this was in 1940! Can you imagine? I just think it is so cool. She also brought a notebook with a few sketches in there my grandmother had done. I feel really lucky to have these. My Nana was an amazing artist. I did a post on her a while back, with some of her paintings, check it out here


Also in the stack of things was an invite to one of my mum's jewelry shows. I couldn't find a date on it, but I am guessing it is from the early to mid 70's. She had a few shows with this artist, Roger Harris, and he always did the invites, that usually folded out into a poster. They are so awesome! You can see another one framed above my bookcase in the photo from this post. 
I also love the little blurb she wrote about herself. It's reminds me a lot of things I think about now. She was just the coolest!

here are some other amazing things I have posted that I've found over the past three years: these books, my mum's wedding bouquet and wedding china, this fabulous photo of my mum in the 60's at the race track keep lap times for my dad, and nana's strawberry forks



  1. so, so special and so beautiful.

  2. we love this post so much... such inspiring women you came from!
    p.s. i have that book, healing stoned, and it was my mom's too, how funny!

  3. this is so so cool and super touching on so many levels.
    rich history is such a neat way to find out all those little gems about ourselves.
    love from me to you.

  4. wow, what an amazing thing to find... so touching

  5. thanks ladies!
    i love sharing the treasures i unearth!
    thank you for being supportive and enthusiastic and sweet about these posts.


  6. Ok, so I came upon your website today via Design Sponge and was glancing through your blog. I came upon this post and noticed in the text of the last photo... "Belleville, IL". I graduated high school one town over in O'Fallon, IL. Did you grow up in that area?

  7. Hi Amanda! thanks for finding me!
    yes ! i did. i grew up in Belleville.
    what a small world!

    i am happy to meet another lady from that part of the world!

  8. I took a handful of Saturday art classes from your mom at Signal Hill a long long time ago. I'll never forget her teaching me to paint on silk and to make my own rubber stamps while sitting at those long green cafeteria tables.