full moon

Thursday, March 8th, 4:39am EST

This Thursday we will be experiencing the most positive Full Moon that we have seen in years.  This Full Moon will be at 18 degrees in the Sign of Virgo (1:39 am PST).  At the same time, the planet Mars (also in the Sign of Virgo), will be in alignment with the Moon, empowering us to move forward with precision and dedication to service.  Use this Full Moon energy to get organized, take care of details and finish projects. 

There is also a Grand Trine alignment, with the Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto.  This is a very positive alignment that supports and promotes miraculous and expanded potentials.  In spite of the economics of the world, you can create abundance and prosperity now!  You can do this by following your intuitive impulses and acting with integrity and service to a higher good.

Venus, in the Grand Trine with Jupiter and Pluto, expands the heart and supports the healing of relationships and expression of a Higher Love.  Also, Venus supports our creativity through inspiration.  Be sure to allow the inspiration that will certainly flow through you.

Also, these most powerful days of the month, the 7th - 10th, are great days for checking in with the new beginnings, and wishes you made during the last new moon. Re-read your list and take note of how much closer (or farther away) you are to manifesting your hearts desires. 
If you feel closer, great! Pat yourself on the back and keep moving froward with an open heart and lots of excitement! 
If you feel farther away, that's ok. Try to sit back and look the blocks that might be holding you back. Since the Moon is in Virgo, use the power of this sign to help you get to the bottom of what is in your way. You might have a tendency to be more critical and judgmental of others right now, but turn those feelings in to ones of curiosity. And instead of making others the problem turn towards yourself, and look at how you might be getting in your own way. 
And as always, add a little love to what ever you are feeling right now.

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  1. i really love it when you share these. thank you, Lauren. brings a little clarity to my hectic mind these days*