happy new moon

happy new moon

I love the new moon! I have always just paid attention to when the full moon is, but since I have been paying more mind to all the phases I can really tell a difference in how I am effected by each of them. 
During a new moon, I always feel more excited, and energetic... though a little bit off... but in a humorous, light way. I always feel like exciting things are coming into my life and are on the horizon. This is the energy of the new moon, it is about calling things in, a renewal and a beginning... the moon from this point on is becoming full, it is calling in more light every day. 
And in a full moon, I feel things more intensely, I don't feel as light, and everything has more weight. A full moon is a good time to let go of things, and during that time I always feel I am being asked or challenged to release, something physical, emotional... and every day the moon is becoming less full, letting go of light. 

don't forget to make your new moon wishes 
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