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Thursday, March 22, Aries 10:37 am EDST

We have just come through the Spring Equinox on Monday, this is a powerful time of birth and renewal. This is the most important time of the year to look ahead and set up what you want to bring into your life. Think about if you are just sitting back and going through the motions, or maybe you are trying to manifest things you think you should want, and are judging where you think you should be. Feel into your heart, and honor where you are, and try to be present, and grateful. And be truthful with what you want to call into your life. 

We move from this Spring Equinox of renewal into the sign of Aries, which brings, bold, innovative and creative new beginnings. This new moon will give you a boost of energy, and allow you to navigate your life and step into the world with boldness. The energy of Aries creates an opportunity for you to demonstrate your independence. The new moon will offer support in the area of dealing with others, allowing you to be more honest and authentic in all your relationships. It gives us the confidence to begin a new pathway of self expression that we have been longing for. 

This is a really exciting, powerful new moon, because it is in the sign of Aries, it is the most potent moon of the year for making wishing that involve new beginnings. On Thursday take some time to think about things you would like to see manifest in your life, especially anything that involves courage, starting a new relationship, or making a new beginning with anything that is important to you: a new partner, job, creative endevor, habit, etc...
Remember that your wishes must be written down onto paper, and ten wishes maximum.
The best time to make your wishes is 8 hours after the exact time of the new moon, but with in the first 48 hours will work. 
Do not wish when the moon is void of course. 
The best times are as follows:
Thursday, March 22:  10:37 am – midnight
Friday, March 23:  all day and night
Saturday, March 24:  12:01 am – 1:17 pm
( Be sure to check your time zone. )

Also take note that we are in a Mercury Retrograde cycle from March 12th thru April 4th. Here is some information about that. 
If you are noticing more miscommunications than usual between you and others, you are not alone.  Mercury, the planet that rules intellectualization and communication, is moving backwards, through the zodiacal backdrop. This is a result of the relationship of the orbits of Earth and Mercury, relative to the orbit of both planets around the Sun. 
This is a time when logical, rational, mental processes and communications sometimes seem to break down.  It’s a good idea to develop and express a sense of humor during these cycles. Mercury Retrograde mental malfunctions can be a source of amusement. While these energies may be intense, be sure to breathe and focus on the positive things in your life.

What an exciting time we are in! I encourage you to dream big when making your new moon wishes! 
Now is the time to do it!
I also encourage you to share any of you wishes here, in the comments, I would love to read them. And when you put them out there, and share with others, it gives everything more power!

Wishing you much love and new moon magic!

info via: jan spiller, here, & here


  1. my sister and i started following your blog last year and your moon posts are our very favorite! we love your blog :)

  2. THANK YOU!!
    i have really loved learning as i write them.
    i am glad they are being enjoyed!


  3. Yes I love hearing about the moon as well! My wish is involves new beginnings..