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some things i wanted to share that i have been reading/looking at this past week

- levitated mass - 
Have you been following the journey of the boulder to LACMA? Over the past 11 nights a 340 ton granite megalith has been making it's way from a quarry to LACMA for Michael Heizer's sculpture, Levitated Mass. You can read about it and see a little video on the transporter that they had to build to get the rock here! The sculpture should be complete by the end of spring/early summer.

- how dare i - 
An amazing new piece from my dear friend Ann Faison called How Dare I. It is just part of the amazing writing she is doing for her newest book. I can't wait until it is out! She is inspiring!

- david hockney on inspiration - 
A great look into seeing the world though the eyes of David Hockney, here.

- the autum of joan didion - 
A wonderful piece about Joan Didion in the Atlantic. As I have said before, I love Joan Didion. She changed my life. 

- paper monument - 
The hilarious Guidelines for Openings. I had read this a while back but stumbled upon it again while reading this and this

- not like the other ones - 
Reading this weekend - This piece about the Whitney Biennial in the New Yorker

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