open your heart

Hope you all had a happy heart opening weekend.
I sure did!
Sweet Lili picked up these delicate and happy flowers for me. Aren't they so unusual and interesting? They make me smile. 

This weekend I had another Healer Training. As always, it was more amazing than words! My understanding is deepening, my heart opening, and my intuition strengthening. The universe is full of so much magic. I love these weekends more than anything, and am so grateful for that community that has become a family to me, it is full of so much love, love like I have never experienced anywhere else. 
My sweet friend wrote this in my notebook (above). I thought her style was so cute.
And (below) is part of a flier I made for the group, about a breath circle: Making Space for Creativity: Clearing Creative Blocks.

Around the house, some fabrics and two of my grandmother's paintings hanging in my bedroom.

Sending love to you all
and beyond!



Mel Bochner 

saw this today 
it was great!


film stills

Cindy Sherman
Untitled Film Stills

Reading a review of the Cindy Sherman show at MoMA in Modern Painters, by Steven Henry Madoff.
And there was part of his review that I just kept reading over and over. 
he writes:
This is what Sherman does. She transforms herself in endless theatrical ways, repeating the act of origin of art-making: the magus's practice to renew matter by releasing a thing inside another thing, overcoming its source. The magic is in showing that source at the moment it shifts shape, affirming that within each thing in the world, there's something explosive unseen, which is made visible and mastered.

This is why I love art.



I wish I could see this projected in a huge dark space.

by Hawking Leary


earth day every day

Happy day after Earth Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and had time to enjoy the changing seasons,
and sent some gratitude to Mother Earth and all the ways she nurtures and supports us. 
I thought I would post a few photos of amazing minerals that come from the earth.
There is so much beauty to be discovered and witnessed in nature. I am in awe every day.

Also, there is still time to make your New Moon wishes. 
Today is the last day, you have from 10:05am - 9:00pm. 
See post below. 


april new moon


Flower Moon
Saturday, April 21, 2012,  3:18 am EDST

This past month have any of you been feeling angry, resentful, overwhelmed, agitated, confused, feeling powerless? Or maybe you have been feeling like you are becoming more powerful, releasing old beliefs, letting go of other peoples expectations, manifesting in a big way, getting over yourself and learning some lessons once and for all, therefore becoming available for all the gifts and opportunities? 
If you said yes to any of this then you have been sensitive to the energy of April which is all about POWER!

This month we will be getting a good look at all things related to power. All of our old patterns, experiences and beliefs about power are up for observation, clearing and re-defining. Everything this month will be powerful: events, reactions, experiences. For many of us this is an exciting time and one where we welcome opportunities for moving ahead with our dreams and goals. For some this may be a difficult time where you feel overwhelmed, especially if you are not used to handling large amounts of energy. 
I certainly felt both ends of this dynamic this month. As I had a huge wave of things manifesting for me all at one time, and in the process learned a lot about the balance and exchange of manifesting. It really made sense that everything is about exchange, even manifestation, and that if you really want something to happen, and that desire is coming from your heart, it will happen. But you have to be ready and willing to accept it when it does. You have to be open to and honor what it brings you. You can't hide from it's rewards, otherwise you stop the flow. 
I have had to do some clearing, and let those reasons why I was stopping the flow... go.
I'm healing and learning (which makes sense because Saturn is in Retrograde).

So, what is Power? Power is an energy. It is an enhanced ability to manifest. It is knowledge, ability, well-being, wisdom. True power is something that can't be taken away from you, it isn't anything external. Power is your talent, health, service, higher mind, ability to love and be neutral, your creativity, and ability to connect with the flow of the universe. This month is also a great time to look at how you interact with power: powerful people, powerful events, how you define your own personal power, how do you react to, embrace or resist it. 
Power is something you must step into. It's something we all have, and all have the right to. It is in us already, we just have to find it and trust it. It is here to help us expand and do good in the world. Personally, I have been going through a huge shift with my relationship to my own power. I am learning about just how huge it can be! And for so long I have been afraid of it, because of old stories about what happens to powerful women. I am getting a huge push to step into it, and am taking that leap. 

On this New Moon, take a moment to be still in nature, and feel it's power, and the power of stillness and silence. Sit with that inner void, it is a powerful place, it is a place of possibilities. 

This New Moon is in the sign of Taurus, and is the most powerful time of the year to make wishes involving MONEY! It's a great time to think about value; how you value yourself, your time, your relationships, your job, your belongings... The energy of the month of April, mixed with that of Taurus will boost your determination and help you take on your path in this life. It empowers you to take action, and gives you the fire to pursue your desires. It also allows you to be able to appreciate the value and beauty of what you already have. Spend some time to send gratitude to those things and people. The energy of Taurus creates an opening for you to enjoy the comforts of life.  

This New Moon is a wonderful time to make wishes involving anything to do with power, money, value... But wishes involving money get a little tricky. Remember that all wishes must come from the desire of your heart. Not your ego. If you wish to call in money, let it be to free you from something you are dependent on, or to allow you to do your work in this life and give back. 

For success, your wishes must be hand written on paper, and ten wishes maximum are allowed. The most potent time is 8 hours after the exact time of the new moon, but within 48 hours will work. For clear success avoid wishing during the hours when the moon is void of course. 
The times below are EST, make sure you convert for your time zone.

Saturday, April 21:  3:18 am – midnight

Sunday, April 22:  12:01 am – 1:10 pm

Monday, April 23:  1:05 pm – midnight 

Let your wishes be clear, write them with excitement, and to give them even more power take a risk and share them with someone or speak them out loud. If you want to share here, you can do so in the comments, I would love to read what some of them are and hold space for them to manifest in your life. It would be great if we could make the comments section a place for all of these wishes to be shared, and create a little community, and support one another. Remember, sharing is caring! I will share a few in the comments tomorrow.  

Also - have a happy Earth Day on Sunday. Make sure to have gratitude for Mother Nature, and do something to show her you love her. 

Happy wishing!


be my wildflower

Don't forget - wildflowers by Lili
this week with a moody twist!

Wildflower Pop-Up
Space No. 2 (one door down from Cookbook)
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

see more of Lili's beautiful flowers here


under my wings

1, Ben Medanski at iko ikoMisato Suzuki, iko iko

and when

"Pink Shoulders" by Mary Heilmann, The Beverly Hills Hotel


a colorful week

A little peek of a baby announcement I finished this weekend. I am giddy about it!

My Falcon Wright pouch arrived!


My dad delivered some books of my grandmothers that I had picked out months ago while at her house going through her things. I love this one, Colors: What They Can Do For You. Great cover too.
And some Birthday flowers I picked on a walk and a gift I wrapped for a friend.

I found this photo stuck in my grandmother's copy of Ulysses. That's her on the left, and I have no idea who is with her. But this is from one of the many fabulous parties she used to have. 

A copy of the book my grandmother wrote in 1964 on business and international trade. And a copy of the musical my great grandfather wrote in 1959.




Just when I thought my week couldn't get any better... it just went ahead and did!

I had the pleasure of having Jennifer, of Ermie, to my studio for a visit.
If you don't know Jennifer's clothing line, blog and tumblr (one of my faves!)... you should.
This talented lady has a serious eye for color!
It was so lovely to have her hang out and chat about life and art and inspiration.
She took some great photos around the studio. I love seeing it through her eyes.
Head over to her blog to see some more great shots!
Thank you, thank you Jennifer!

I am very moved by all the love that is in the air this week! 
This is certainly going in the books as one of the best weeks ever!

Happy Weekend!

photos by Jennifer

tigers to lilies

For those of you lucky people who live in LA, be sure to stop into Cookbook's No.2 space in Echo Park on Saturday!
My dear friend and neighbor, Lili, of Tigers and Lilies, will be having a Wildflower Pop-Up Shop every Saturday in April. This lady is super talented, and I love her wild and natural aesthetic.
And not that you need another reason to treat yourself to some fresh wildflowers, but if you do, know that all the flowers are local from Silver Lake Farms, and are pesticide free! Yay!

Lili makes flower magic! 

Wildflower Pop-Up
every Saturday in April
Space No. 2 (one door down from Cookbook)
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

all these beautiful photos were taken by Lili at last Saturday's sale, check out more here



Yesterday I popped in and saw the Elizabeth Peyton show at Regen Projects
I always love seeing her work in person. 
In photos it becomes something else.
The surface of her work is so beautiful. 
It's a lovely show.

above: painting of Alex Katz & drawing of Pierre Huyghe



More exciting news!

Yesterday Spencer Studio was featured on Daily Candy, in their Spring Wedding Guide!

I know! I can't believe it!

Yesterday was bananas! 
I was so excited, but also a little overwhelmed, in a good way. 
I want to thank all of you who have commented here and on Design Sponge, and who have sent nice emails and texts about the new collection of drawings in the Etsy store! Also, thank you to all who have posted about it on your blogs (Jessie, Lilly & Alyson). 
You are all very sweet and it makes me feel very loved. 




Happy Monday!
Today my home and studio are featured on Design Sponge!
I am just bursting with excitement!

I decided to post some of the outtakes here. There were just so many great shots that didn't make it in their post, and I had to share them all. 
A huge thank you to the ladies of Design Sponge, and another huge thank you to my dear friend Kate,
 who is an amazing photographer, she shot and edited all of this for me! Thank you, Thank you!


There is a moment in the afternoon when my home is full of rainbows. I love it. 

Healing Stoned belonged to my mum and The Human Aura to my grandmother. It obviously runs in the family!

When I was little I always wore red clogs. They are sitting on two volumes of Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time, and a Frank Loyd Wright autobiography, both were my grandfathers. He was an architect and sent the book to Wright to have him sign it. I treasure this book. 

My grandfather always smoked a pipe, this is one of them. Smelling it makes me feel near to him.

I can't get enough books!

My apartment was built in the 1920s and still has all of these amazing Deco details, old tile, beautiful door knobs, a lilac bathtub! One of my favorite things is this old ice box, that I now use as a pantry. 

The salt container was my great grandmothers. When I lived in Paris I would treat myself to lunch at Laduree {too often really}. I was lucky enough to get the cookbook from my Aunt. And I love Mariage Freres tea! I would also spend the afternoon in their tea house in the Marais much too frequently. My sweet friends got me their sugar dish for my birthday when I was living there. the sugar spoon is made by my mum. Studio mug from Heath, and the plate is a vintage Eva Zeisel

Fridge curation. 

This is my favorite photo of my mum. I think she is in her mid to late twenties, in her studio, with all of her African amber. She was so beautiful. Ceramic planters from Tortoise General Store.

I love my cozy bedroom. The etching on the left is a Goya, a bullfight, my mum and grandmother got it on a trip to Spain in the early 70s. Under it hangs a large strand of African amber that was my mum's, this necklace is really important to me, it's one of my most treasured belongings. The mirror hanging on the right has been in my family for generations. (you can see a close up of the table in the design sponge post)

In my bedroom I have a whole wall full of my mum's jewelry! I love having a selection of it out. Some of these are necklaces she collected during her travels around the world, but most of them are ones she made. I love being able to look at them every day. 

I adore this little I love you dish, it was my grandmother Audrey's. The turquoise hair clip was my mum's, and the Victorian hair pic was my grandmothers, my mum's mum. 

When I first went to Florence years ago I feel in love with Santa Maria Novella, I love the smells and the packaging and that for generations they have been made by monks in an old apothecary. Amazing. The two bowls, and the star plate above are from one of my favorite stores in Paris, every time I visit I pick a piece to add to my collection. The little flower sculpture I found while in a small village in the south of France. An older gentleman had a tiny shop of his pottery in a cave! It was so amazing. I scooped up a few very special pieces (see another one in the design sponge post)


I am super lucky that my studio has a huge window that lets in amazing light. 
Ring painting is from my thesis show. 

Paper sculpture, and glass and mirror leaning against the wall. I have had that leaning for months now... sometimes this happens in the studio where a piece just kind of makes itself. I'm still thinking on it!

Malachite studies.

Thanks for hanging out at home with me!

L & Ava

see more photos here