april full moon


Pink Moon
Friday, April 6th, 3:19pm EDST

I have really been feeling the intensity of the full moon energy the past two days, have you? Time seems to be speeding up, I can't seem to get everything done in the day that I need to, I can't seem to relax as easily, I feel more anxious about my future, instead of just relaxing, and knowing everything will get done, and everything will turn out better than I could imagine. 

During a Full Moon you can feel more reactive and emotional, also you might feel a sense of frustration about the gap between where you life is right this moment and where you wish it was. When you become aware of this feeling you then have a choice! This is one of the most important things I have been learning about these past six months. When you are aware of a pattern you wish to break, or a thought that isn't helpful, or an old story you tell yourself about something as a way of holding yourself back... once you catch yourself in it you have a choice. You can decide to stay in that old pattern, or choose a better thought, or way to take action. You have the power to change, use the energy of the Full Moon to feel empowered.

Because this Full Moon occurs in the house of Libra you will be feeling a strong desire for harmony. During these next three days of the Full Moon you will have extra insight into areas of your life where you crave more balance. And once you are aware of what needs to change, you have the power to do so. 
Balance is so important in our modern day lives. We need to learn to balance all aspects in our lives: to learn to rest instead of pushing ourselves until we get a cold and are forced to rest, that at times we must take time to care for ourselves instead of others, to take a break and spend some time outdoors, to let the little things slide instead of stressing about them, to take a break from being so serious and laugh... It is really up to us to be self aware and learn about our individual sense of harmony. If you can tap into that and be sensitive to the subtle signals, you just have to follow them and listen to the natural balance that is within you. 

On an exciting note, Libra brings attention to all aspects of our relationships and stimulates our creative energies! You may find that inspiration might be flowing through you in vibrate and stimulating ways! YES!
Also, a very powerful positive alignment of the Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto is in affect now through April 10th. This supports success and breakthroughs where ever we place our focus of attention. Any endeavor you take on make sure to execute it with fine precision and attention to detail. This alignment also supports the beginning, development, and expansion of anything physical and/or spiritual!

The next three days (6th, 7th, 8th) are powerful days to check in with your New Moon wishes you last made. See how many things you have manifested!

These are the times when emotions will be most intense:

Thursday, 4/5 – all day and night, especially volatile 12:01 am – 11:32 am
Friday, 4/6 – all day and night
Saturday, 4/7 – all day and night, especially volatile 6:15 am – 11:18 am
Sunday, 4/8 – energy begins to calm

TIP - If you have any crystals or rock that you use during meditation, or keep by your bed, or in your purse, the light of the full moon is a great way to cleanse them! I like to put mine out on the night of the full moon, and then leave them out into the next day, so they get both the feminine light from the moon and masculine energy of the sun. Especially fitting because this full moon is about balance.

Have a happy weekend, full of sunshine!

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  1. Have you read the Seth book "The Nature of Personal Reality"? I'm guessing you're aware of it, but if not, I highly suggest it. I think you'd really enjoy it given some of the things you post. Cheers -

  2. So happy to have found another moon and crystal lover! These posts are always so right on and informative, we truly cherish them. Our stones got a little bath last night too!

  3. Aimie - thanks for the book recommendation! i will be SURE to check it out!


    yay! for moon lit crystal baths! ;)