april new moon


Flower Moon
Saturday, April 21, 2012,  3:18 am EDST

This past month have any of you been feeling angry, resentful, overwhelmed, agitated, confused, feeling powerless? Or maybe you have been feeling like you are becoming more powerful, releasing old beliefs, letting go of other peoples expectations, manifesting in a big way, getting over yourself and learning some lessons once and for all, therefore becoming available for all the gifts and opportunities? 
If you said yes to any of this then you have been sensitive to the energy of April which is all about POWER!

This month we will be getting a good look at all things related to power. All of our old patterns, experiences and beliefs about power are up for observation, clearing and re-defining. Everything this month will be powerful: events, reactions, experiences. For many of us this is an exciting time and one where we welcome opportunities for moving ahead with our dreams and goals. For some this may be a difficult time where you feel overwhelmed, especially if you are not used to handling large amounts of energy. 
I certainly felt both ends of this dynamic this month. As I had a huge wave of things manifesting for me all at one time, and in the process learned a lot about the balance and exchange of manifesting. It really made sense that everything is about exchange, even manifestation, and that if you really want something to happen, and that desire is coming from your heart, it will happen. But you have to be ready and willing to accept it when it does. You have to be open to and honor what it brings you. You can't hide from it's rewards, otherwise you stop the flow. 
I have had to do some clearing, and let those reasons why I was stopping the flow... go.
I'm healing and learning (which makes sense because Saturn is in Retrograde).

So, what is Power? Power is an energy. It is an enhanced ability to manifest. It is knowledge, ability, well-being, wisdom. True power is something that can't be taken away from you, it isn't anything external. Power is your talent, health, service, higher mind, ability to love and be neutral, your creativity, and ability to connect with the flow of the universe. This month is also a great time to look at how you interact with power: powerful people, powerful events, how you define your own personal power, how do you react to, embrace or resist it. 
Power is something you must step into. It's something we all have, and all have the right to. It is in us already, we just have to find it and trust it. It is here to help us expand and do good in the world. Personally, I have been going through a huge shift with my relationship to my own power. I am learning about just how huge it can be! And for so long I have been afraid of it, because of old stories about what happens to powerful women. I am getting a huge push to step into it, and am taking that leap. 

On this New Moon, take a moment to be still in nature, and feel it's power, and the power of stillness and silence. Sit with that inner void, it is a powerful place, it is a place of possibilities. 

This New Moon is in the sign of Taurus, and is the most powerful time of the year to make wishes involving MONEY! It's a great time to think about value; how you value yourself, your time, your relationships, your job, your belongings... The energy of the month of April, mixed with that of Taurus will boost your determination and help you take on your path in this life. It empowers you to take action, and gives you the fire to pursue your desires. It also allows you to be able to appreciate the value and beauty of what you already have. Spend some time to send gratitude to those things and people. The energy of Taurus creates an opening for you to enjoy the comforts of life.  

This New Moon is a wonderful time to make wishes involving anything to do with power, money, value... But wishes involving money get a little tricky. Remember that all wishes must come from the desire of your heart. Not your ego. If you wish to call in money, let it be to free you from something you are dependent on, or to allow you to do your work in this life and give back. 

For success, your wishes must be hand written on paper, and ten wishes maximum are allowed. The most potent time is 8 hours after the exact time of the new moon, but within 48 hours will work. For clear success avoid wishing during the hours when the moon is void of course. 
The times below are EST, make sure you convert for your time zone.

Saturday, April 21:  3:18 am – midnight

Sunday, April 22:  12:01 am – 1:10 pm

Monday, April 23:  1:05 pm – midnight 

Let your wishes be clear, write them with excitement, and to give them even more power take a risk and share them with someone or speak them out loud. If you want to share here, you can do so in the comments, I would love to read what some of them are and hold space for them to manifest in your life. It would be great if we could make the comments section a place for all of these wishes to be shared, and create a little community, and support one another. Remember, sharing is caring! I will share a few in the comments tomorrow.  

Also - have a happy Earth Day on Sunday. Make sure to have gratitude for Mother Nature, and do something to show her you love her. 

Happy wishing!


  1. thank you for this beautiful post!!!i need to harness my power at the moment, have been feeling over whelmed. Its time to use it for good.

  2. WOW was this really an insight as to how things have been unfolding this month. thank you so much for this post. i am ready to harness the money and the power to benefit the overall good! this read was such a positive boost.

    simply brilliant (as always, really)...merci beaucoup***


  3. as i promised... here are a few of my new moon wishes...
    - i wish to trust my voice more, and step into the power it holds and the healing it can bring to me and others
    - i wish to call in a romantic partner, my spiritual match, i trust and open myself up to the universe to bring us together
    - i wish to love and accept myself for where i am, embrace myself and let go of all judgements, or negative thoughts i have about myself
    - i wish to easily call in more money - earned - from the sale of art. i see it flowing to me in abundance

  4. * update *
    the day after i posted these new moon wishes i sold a drawing!!! just like i asked for...
    it happens people! !!! !
    i encourage you to post or share your wishes with someone... you can always post anonymously.

    xo L