a colorful week

A little peek of a baby announcement I finished this weekend. I am giddy about it!

My Falcon Wright pouch arrived!


My dad delivered some books of my grandmothers that I had picked out months ago while at her house going through her things. I love this one, Colors: What They Can Do For You. Great cover too.
And some Birthday flowers I picked on a walk and a gift I wrapped for a friend.

I found this photo stuck in my grandmother's copy of Ulysses. That's her on the left, and I have no idea who is with her. But this is from one of the many fabulous parties she used to have. 

A copy of the book my grandmother wrote in 1964 on business and international trade. And a copy of the musical my great grandfather wrote in 1959.


  1. your grandmother was an extraordinary woman by the looks of things. beautiful post.

  2. love your new pouch. your grandmother looks fabulous!

  3. Such a fascinating family! Love this peek inside your week.


  4. What a fantastic find! Your grandmother looks incredible!

  5. This was a very personal and beautifully crafted post. It's clear that creativity is in your blood. Thanks for sharing.