Happy Monday!
Today my home and studio are featured on Design Sponge!
I am just bursting with excitement!

I decided to post some of the outtakes here. There were just so many great shots that didn't make it in their post, and I had to share them all. 
A huge thank you to the ladies of Design Sponge, and another huge thank you to my dear friend Kate,
 who is an amazing photographer, she shot and edited all of this for me! Thank you, Thank you!


There is a moment in the afternoon when my home is full of rainbows. I love it. 

Healing Stoned belonged to my mum and The Human Aura to my grandmother. It obviously runs in the family!

When I was little I always wore red clogs. They are sitting on two volumes of Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time, and a Frank Loyd Wright autobiography, both were my grandfathers. He was an architect and sent the book to Wright to have him sign it. I treasure this book. 

My grandfather always smoked a pipe, this is one of them. Smelling it makes me feel near to him.

I can't get enough books!

My apartment was built in the 1920s and still has all of these amazing Deco details, old tile, beautiful door knobs, a lilac bathtub! One of my favorite things is this old ice box, that I now use as a pantry. 

The salt container was my great grandmothers. When I lived in Paris I would treat myself to lunch at Laduree {too often really}. I was lucky enough to get the cookbook from my Aunt. And I love Mariage Freres tea! I would also spend the afternoon in their tea house in the Marais much too frequently. My sweet friends got me their sugar dish for my birthday when I was living there. the sugar spoon is made by my mum. Studio mug from Heath, and the plate is a vintage Eva Zeisel

Fridge curation. 

This is my favorite photo of my mum. I think she is in her mid to late twenties, in her studio, with all of her African amber. She was so beautiful. Ceramic planters from Tortoise General Store.

I love my cozy bedroom. The etching on the left is a Goya, a bullfight, my mum and grandmother got it on a trip to Spain in the early 70s. Under it hangs a large strand of African amber that was my mum's, this necklace is really important to me, it's one of my most treasured belongings. The mirror hanging on the right has been in my family for generations. (you can see a close up of the table in the design sponge post)

In my bedroom I have a whole wall full of my mum's jewelry! I love having a selection of it out. Some of these are necklaces she collected during her travels around the world, but most of them are ones she made. I love being able to look at them every day. 

I adore this little I love you dish, it was my grandmother Audrey's. The turquoise hair clip was my mum's, and the Victorian hair pic was my grandmothers, my mum's mum. 

When I first went to Florence years ago I feel in love with Santa Maria Novella, I love the smells and the packaging and that for generations they have been made by monks in an old apothecary. Amazing. The two bowls, and the star plate above are from one of my favorite stores in Paris, every time I visit I pick a piece to add to my collection. The little flower sculpture I found while in a small village in the south of France. An older gentleman had a tiny shop of his pottery in a cave! It was so amazing. I scooped up a few very special pieces (see another one in the design sponge post)


I am super lucky that my studio has a huge window that lets in amazing light. 
Ring painting is from my thesis show. 

Paper sculpture, and glass and mirror leaning against the wall. I have had that leaning for months now... sometimes this happens in the studio where a piece just kind of makes itself. I'm still thinking on it!

Malachite studies.

Thanks for hanging out at home with me!

L & Ava

see more photos here


  1. Congratulations Lauren! You have such a beautiful home and approach to life!

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    I'm dying over that tassel piece on your wall!
    xo Joanna

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