star party tonight

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend Ann out to the desert. A few times a year she heads out there for a writing retreat. And this trip she asked me to come out for two days. It was magical! One of my favorite trips to the desert. 
She rents this adorable house in 29 Palms, and the back yard butts right up against Joshua Tree Park. I took a little walk before dinner and took these photos. It was so beautiful sitting amongst the bunnies, and cacti in the middle of the desert watching the sun set, I have never done that before. I listened to the coyotes hoot and howl (they are one of my totem/spirit animals, so is the rabbit). I stayed out there until it was almost too dark to see, and then walked back. Ann made a delicious dinner, and we talked, and Ann shared some writing
The next morning I sat in the garden and finished a drawing I  had been working on, and watched three hummingbirds zip from one flower to the next. They were so joyously playing together and chirping away. I also started working again on my thesis (nope, I have not finished this). In the afternoon we went to the Integratron for a sound bath! We both walked away feeling relaxed, clear and grounded.

It was a WONDERFUL weekend!

And then on Sunday night, I went and saw Julia Holter preform live, at her album release party! I mentioned it before, but I have been listening non-stop to her new album, it is amazing! Be sure to check her out! She is magical. 

Also, sorry I have been a little lacking in posts, I have been swamped with work and getting drawings done to get in the Etsy shop, working in the studio, and a few exciting projects are coming up (one I will share with you on Monday). I promise the blog will be back in full swing soon.


  1. Gorgeous photos! What a lovely weekend.

  2. We want to go to a star party! :)
    The whole weekend sounds magical...

  3. Aaah. The desert. Love your photos. A Sound Bath sounds wonderful right now.