tigers to lilies

For those of you lucky people who live in LA, be sure to stop into Cookbook's No.2 space in Echo Park on Saturday!
My dear friend and neighbor, Lili, of Tigers and Lilies, will be having a Wildflower Pop-Up Shop every Saturday in April. This lady is super talented, and I love her wild and natural aesthetic.
And not that you need another reason to treat yourself to some fresh wildflowers, but if you do, know that all the flowers are local from Silver Lake Farms, and are pesticide free! Yay!

Lili makes flower magic! 

Wildflower Pop-Up
every Saturday in April
Space No. 2 (one door down from Cookbook)
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

all these beautiful photos were taken by Lili at last Saturday's sale, check out more here

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  1. OMG!! THANK YOU FOR THIS POST LAUREN!!! SOOOO cool & kind of you!


    LOVE u