It was an act of devotion. A little like writing or loving someone—it doesn’t always feel worthwhile, 

but not giving up somehow creates unexpected meaning over time. 

this pretty much sums up right where I am right now... in life, in love, in the studio...
I'm not giving up.
my mantra:
I have faith


the sound of visuals embodied

Lis Rhodes, “Dresden Dynamo,” (1971), originally 10 min., color 16mm.
This film is the result of experiments with the application of Letraset and Letratone onto clear film. It is essentially about how graphic images create their own sound by extending into that area of film which is ‘read’ by optical sound equipment. The final print has been achieved through three, seperate, consecutive printings from the original material, on a contact printer. Colour was added, with filters, on the final run. The film is not a sequential piece. It does not develop crescendos. It creates the illusion of spatial depth from essentially, flat, graphic, raw material.





charles e king

A while back I wrote a little bit about my grandfather who was an Architect, Charles E King. I posted the only two photos I had of the home he designed for my grandmother, Audrey, and my dad, as well as a story about he and Frank Lloyd Wright, all which you can read and see here
There is a small retrospective being organized about him and his work and my dad has been going through old slides to find more images of homes and buildings he designed. He sent me about 1,000 images the other night, and I looked through them all, seeing things I had never seen before. It was really fun to see a whole body of his work. 

In all of it, I found some more amazing photos of my dad's family home, which you can see below.



Mary Tyler Moore


you know it

Mari Eastman 
My Interpretation of the 80s Aesthetic (It’s You Who’s Being Used) 

annette kelm

Annette Kelm



Dennis and Erik Oppenheim, 1971


about art

Reading my Spring 2012 issue of TATE ETC, and there some great writing about Charline von Heyl. I think she is so rad! I just am so excited by her work, she is risky and surprising. Jacqueline Humphries writes an inspiring piece on her, and there was part of it that I just love. She writes: I've always felt with her a sense of common purpose, ambition and predicament: that painting should engage an urgent sense of responsibility to life in this moment, yet with no roadmap for how to even begin, there is a void which begs the question: what is real? What can be made vivid? What is the cost of launching oneself into this act against all odds of making it new and vital?

I love that, because I think about those questions all the time. 


may new moon // solar eclipse


Strawberry Moon
Sunday, May 20th, Gemini, 3:47 pm PST

It's time again for New Moon wishes, and I am super happy about that, as I am trying to manifest in lots of new ways.
Sunday is especially powerful because the new moon and the solar eclipse occur on the same day. So, don't miss this opportunity to make some magic happen. 
This new moon will be in the sign of Gemini and is a great time to make wishes involving communication or manifesting what makes your life happier as it relates to: relationships, work, family, a new habit or behavior... anything! Things you have wanted to happen in your life for a long time can easily be manifested through using the boost of the happy, smart, social Gemini new moon.  

Remember, your wishes must be hand written on paper, and ten wishes maximum are allowed. The best time to wish is 8 hours after the exact time of the new moon, but with in 48 hours will do. It is best to avoid wishing during the time when the moon is void of course. 

Best times to wish in May are (note these times are for PST, be sure to convert for your time zone):

Sunday, May 20th, 3:47pm - 8:00pm
Monday, May 21st, all day and all night
Tuesday, May 22nd, 8:01pm - 2:51pm

I encourage you to share any or all of your wishes with someone, when you have a witness it makes everything more powerful. You may also share some if you like in the comments. I did last month and some things manifested the day after! Sharing is caring!

The solar eclipse also occurs on Sunday. This eclipse will be stimulating your desire to stay in motion, both physically and mentally. These next six months will be all about sharing knowledge. Ideas, thoughts, information... all of it must be kept in motion, circulating and creating a flow, allowing you to keep growing and learning. When you pass on a bit of knowledge to another it creates space for something new to come in. It is the process of passing on what you already know and being open and receptive to something new that will keep life interesting and in motion. 

If you live in LA and want to see the eclipse take a look at the Giffith Park Observatory's page of information. It will help you know where to look and at what time, since it will just be a partial eclipse here in LA you don't want to miss it. 

Happy new moon wishing! 

* update * - new moons often bring lessons around letting go, and it seems everyone I talk to these days is getting rid of things they have been lugging around, perhaps their whole life, it might be a belonging or perhaps it is a habit or an idea. Use the energy of the new moon to learn to let go, give up what no longer serves you in your life. 

* update no. two * I have been feeling super anxious the last two days, and anxious when sleeping. It feels like it has come out of no where, a friend just told me it is because of the eclipse, so if you are super sensitive and have been feeling that too then you will be interested in this info I found:

It enhances the energies of father, protection and external expression. A Solar Eclipse not only affects the energy of the Sun, but also the Moon! A Solar Eclipse occurs when the New Moon is between Earth and the Sun. The Moon's energy is very strong because it is extremely close to the Earth during this eclipse. The Sun energy is also very powerful as it embraces the Moon, showing only a glowing ring of bright light during the peak of the event.

During a Total Solar Eclipse, the Sun's light, associated with warmth, life force, and creation is temporarily blocked out. During these moments, feelings of lack, fatigue, anxiety and a disconnection with life/life force may occur. Again, this is only for a brief time as the New Moon totally blocks out the light of the Sun.  


art that keeps swimming in my head

jason fulford

malin gabriella

"Heard But Not Seen"

Fred Sandback

Hans Haacke

melanie schiff 

Duayne Hatchett

wolfgang laib

david gilbert

lisa williamson

John McCracken


Nicole Wermers

Jessica Sanders

Rebecca Holland

and this amazing interview with Emilie Halpern 


on death & dreams

Henry Miller and Anais Nin


the shape of something modern

17th century hindu painting

Malevich 1913



francoise hardy

To all the mothers in the world, and all the mothers who have come before, 
I send you love and gratitude with all my heart. 


let's make love

I recently watched Let's Make Love
and I loved the opening credits


so in love

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

A 1961 New York Times photo, showing Louis Armstrong playing trumpet for his wife, Lucille, in front of the Great Sphinx and pyramids in Giza, Egypt

i love spring time!
romance seems to be blooming everywhere


so right

"My mother was right: When you've got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust." 
—Jane Birkin


so rad

Mary Heilmann's Studio


full moon


Flower Moon
Saturday, May 5th, 2012, 11:35 PST

This Saturday is a Full Moon. Most calenders say it is on Sunday the 6th, but that is for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. For us, the moon will be it's fullest on Saturday. Some of you might have heard the term supermoon. The astrological term is a perigee full moon, which basically means that this moon will be the closest to the earth out of any moon this year. 

This is the largest moon of the year and is the Scorpio Full Moon {which makes me happy because in western astrology I am a Scorpio and have Scorpio Sun and Moon}, the fixed water sign of feminine power. Remember a few weeks ago when we were talking about power in relation to the new moon? As the moon was new and becoming full we had the opportunity to redefine our sense of power, and to step into and harness it. We were taking it on as the moon was taking on more light and getting more and more full. Now as the moon is at it's fullest and ready to let go of light with each day, it is a good time to think about power in a more feminine way, by receiving and allowing. And we can learn this from the feminine power of the Scorpio. It calls us to dive deeply into the mysteries of life to see that which needs to be transformed. Transformation is the realm of Scorpio. These energies are mysterious and intense. When we are willing to face our fears, the unknown, a dying and letting go, the result is a rebirth, transformation and an increase in our own personal power. From now until the time of the new moon, don't be afraid to dive deep into your own darkness, your own fears. The energy of the moon will help you transform those fears into power. Let this be a time of taking a leap into the unknown, into the darkness. Let the light of the moon shine on the areas that need to be transformed, and let the light guide your way. 

Most likely, because this is the closest full moon of the year, it's effects will be felt the strongest. It will be creating higher and lower tides than usual. And just think about that as it relates to us, since our bodies are made mostly of water. You may feel it's push and pull more in the next few days. Try to stay grounded; being in nature and sending it some gratitude, meditating or taking a hot bath with salts are great ways to say grounded.

These are the times when the emotional intensities of the full moon will be felt the strongest
Friday, 5/4 – all day and night, especially volatile 2:02 pm – 10:20 pm
Saturday, 5/5 – all day and night
Sunday, 5/6 – all day and night, especially volatile 8:14 am – 9:39 pm
Monday, 5/7 – energy starts to calm 

These next few days are also a great time to check in with the New Moon Wishes you made a few weeks ago and see how much you have manifested... or not. Don't judge, just try to examine them as objectively as possible, try to find what is standing in your way. Most likely it is YOU! This is the best time to get out of your own way, you are being supported by the universe!

Also, don't forget that the full moon is the best way to clean and clear your crystals and minerals. Put them out in the full moon light. I like to let mine sit out through the next day in the sun. 

Happy weekend

Happy Full Moon!