charles e king

A while back I wrote a little bit about my grandfather who was an Architect, Charles E King. I posted the only two photos I had of the home he designed for my grandmother, Audrey, and my dad, as well as a story about he and Frank Lloyd Wright, all which you can read and see here
There is a small retrospective being organized about him and his work and my dad has been going through old slides to find more images of homes and buildings he designed. He sent me about 1,000 images the other night, and I looked through them all, seeing things I had never seen before. It was really fun to see a whole body of his work. 

In all of it, I found some more amazing photos of my dad's family home, which you can see below.


  1. That is an amazing house. What fun to go through the photos.

  2. Wow, dream house! What amazing photos to have.


  3. Incredible! Your grandfather's works are the landscape of my entire life, having grown up in Belleville. I've always been drawn to them, works of genius and art, and now live in and love one for myself.