she's not there

I am thrilled to be included iAndrew Berardini and Dave Muller's Three Day Weekend, She's Not There
It is going to be an amazing show!
If you are around this weekend head over to Public Fiction and enjoy some art, music on Friday 
and Saturday night, and a breath circle by Ann on Sunday!
I hope to see you there!

She's Not There

Three Day Weekend at Public Fiction.  

749 N. Avenue 50, Los Angeles, CA 90042 USA

Dormant for 10 years in Los Angeles,  Three Day Weekend comes back to life with She's Not There.  
While running the Club for Transmission LA at the Geffen, Lauren Mackler has generously loaned her 
Public Fiction space to Three Day Weekend. 

With contributions by Anthony Burdin, Aurie Ramirez, Charles Ray*, Mark Grotjahn, Eli Langer, 
Corey Fogel, Lauren Spencer King, Scoli Acosta, Dave Muller, D'Ette Nogle, Frances Stark**, 
The Center for Land Use Interpretation, The Calder Quartet, Ann Faison, Dick Slessig Combo 
and Jim Brown.

Opening night and performances: Friday May 4th, 6-11pm
Jim Brown, D'Ette Nogle, Calder Quartet

More performances: Saturday May 5th, 6-?pm
Andrew Bulbrook & Kathryn McCullough, Dick Slessig Combo

Ann Faison breath circle Sunday May 6th, 11am-noon
(bring blanket or mat)

Sat & Sun hours:  noon-6pm

* in the form of Ray's contribution to the single edition of Ruh Roh magazine, 1992

** pending (fingers crossed)

Organized by Andrew Berardini and Dave Muller


  1. i am SO glad that i got to go to this and see your work! Lauren you are soaring! i am so proud of you*