joshua tree /\ HT4

So, those of you who know me... or those of you who have been reading the blog for a while, know that since last August I have been doing Healer Training (you can read more about what that is here). I have know David for a while and had been doing the breathwork meditation but finally took the leap last August and started doing the training. 
And last weekend was the final level, and it is held in Joshua Tree every June. It was amazing! I can't even express in words how much I have grown and how profoundly this work has changed my life, but I can say that I have never been happier and I have grown into the person I always wanted to be. And it hasn't been easy, but I have done it with love, and I am really proud of all the work I have done to get here. And it was wonderful to experience last weekend with the community that has become my family. I am forever grateful for David, and to Ann who introduced me to him eight years ago. 

I wanted to share some photos took during the weekend. 

Sunset at Jumbo Rock

Eliza, River, Nathaniel, Lisa and me

Hiking into Joshua Tree for the closing ceremony on Sunday night

We all wrote down commitments we wanted to make with the universe, and we brought them with us to the ceremony and put them under this huge rock where there are years and years of intentions and dreams and wisdom. This was the front of mine, and my commitment is in the inside.

 I had had a hard and emotional day, but I was so happy to be sitting barefoot on a rock in the middle of the park with so many beautiful souls. 

We celebrated by sharing in song and dance and performance, it was amazing to be witness to so much talent and love. 

my little cabin at 29 Palms, in the setting sun and under the New Moon. 

some writing I did before I left on Monday

This weekend I feel like I have grieved for a part of myself I have been holding on to my whole life. And this feeling is new to me. To let go from a higher place, a place of knowing. To let go out of choice. To reach for something more amazing, and true.
All throughout our lives we are changing and shifting; things we once did or liked are no longer. We naturally move through time growing and letting go, at times with out ever realizing we are doing it.
This weekend I mourned for a part of myself that no longer serves me. It was painful, and I was kicking and screaming about it. Fighting the universe, begging it to let me keep it around, in case. In case I need it, or perhaps because it is just more comfortable.
I know by letting go of it I will be stepping into something profound. A space where this old part of me does not belong. A place of greatness and power and magic. A place where possibilities lie in the unknown. A place of expansion and love. I surrendered the part of me that is still playing small and playing safe. I surrendered the part of me that turns away when faced with her own power. I surrendered the doubt and fear I hold. I surrendered the cloak I have been wearing that has been passed down from woman to woman in my lineage – the one that has been needed by them. The one that was sewn from the belief that women are powerful and therefore dangerous, and to survive you must go unseen and unheard.
I tossed it into the fire, transforming it. Freeing it. As I no longer need it.
I leave all of that here, with you, my dear friend the desert. I leave it with you under your hot sun and in your dry earth. I know you are no stranger to the intensities of life. I am grateful to you for giving me the space to let go.  I am grateful for your gentleness with me this weekend, and also for your insistent push. Your warm winds rushing to and through me, clearing this. I felt the magnetism of the earth pulling it from my body as I laid on your rocks. It’s just energy, thank you for taking it, and transforming it, allowing me to transcend it.
Today I leave you, my dear desert, with a new skin. Like a snake that has shed a layer, I cast off the old, and emerge anew. I feel your energy pulsing through me. Your sun kisses my face and sends me on my way.
Today I sparkle.
I shatter solid form, breaking through to the unseen.

I shine light where there is darkness.


early summer news

I hope you all are having a beautiful week, and if you are in LA I hope you are enjoying this lovely summer weather. 

Last week, on Wednesday I had some ladies over for a lil' Midsummer Celebration. We ate strawberries and made flower crowns on the deck in the setting sun. And then had a yummy dinner, drank some special Lovers Tea from Paris, and shared our New Moon Wishes. It was pretty amazing, there was something magical in the air that night, and I know it was heightened by being with my soul sisters.
You can see more photos on Lili's blog.  

Also, I wanted to share some news, updates, and exciting things going on...

- a write up on Artforum about the Three Day Weekend show
- photos from the show on Public Fiction's site
- a guest post I did on Jessie's sweet blog
- a feature on my talented friend Jennifer and her clothing line, Ermie, on Sight Unseen

tomorrow... Joshua Tree photos...


after i have dreamed

it is at moments after i have dreamed
of the rare entertainment of your eyes, 
when (being fool to fancy) i have deemed

with your peculiar mouth my heart made wise;
at moments when the glassy darkness holds

the genuine apparition of your smile
(it was through tears always) and silence moulds
such strangeness as was mine a little while;

moments when my once more illustrious arms
are filled with fascination, when my breast 
wears the intolerant brightness of your charms

one pierced moment whiter than the rest

- turing from the tremendous lie of sleep
i watch the roses of the day grow deep

e.e. cummings
photo by irving penn



So in a few hours I am off to Joshua Tree for Healer Training 4!
I am so giddy and excited I can hardly stand it!

I wanted to do a quick post of some great art I have seen recently. 

John Mcallister at Richard Telles.
This could be one of the best painting shows I have seen in LA in a long time. 
The colors!

Alison Schulnik at Mark Moore
I always really like her work, but this show raises the bar for her, I think. 
The shell sculptures kind of blew my mind. In person they are quite a sight!

Look Here, Upon This Picture, the group show at Cherry and Martin.

Annette Kelm at Marc Foxx. This is a GREAT show! 
It is one of those rare shows where you have to see the photos in person. 
They simply don't hold up virtually. I loved this show! 
This is the last weekend too, so scoot on over there. 

Then last night I saw the Gerhard Richter documentary. I LOVED IT!
So well done, and super interesting and surprisingly funny.
It was great! I would go see it again in a heartbeat. 
Watch the trailer here.  

And, if I were in town this weekend I would be at this!
Such a great line up. And right up my alley.
SO bummed I am missing it. 

Hope you have a magical weekend!



From Eva Hesse and Sol Lewitt at Craig Starr Gallery, 2011

sally rand



summer solstice / \ midsummer

summer solstice / \ midsummer

June 20th

The time is upon us, summer solstice! This is one of the most magical and powerful days of the year, for stating intentions and preforming rituals. 
The word solstice means "sun stops", when the sun pauses for three days, just before it begins to move southward in it's relationship to the earth's orbit. On these three days and nights the daylight hours are the longest, for those above the equator, before they begin to slowly decrease (at the rate of 2 min per day), until the winter solstice. This period of decreasing light is a time to go within, to be with and nurture the mystical sides of our nature. To get to know the shadow side of ourselves, to shine light into our darkness to transform it, to give it power. 

We are on the threshold of major endings and beginnings. I don't know if you have felt this, but I sure have. Everything lately feels more intense, especially with the energy of all the eclipses and the supermoon. I feel major energies are shifting in the cosmos, in the planet and within myself. It's time to let go of old habits, ways of thinking, places, people, things that don't service us any more. When we let go we make room for something new to come in. We can learn to do this through the changing seasons, I am always trying to draw from their effortless transition in and out of the seasons. And today marks the beginning of summer, a happy and joyful time of year, reminding me that we always let go of something to make room to receive something better, more magical and beautiful.

These next three months are a season to be spending time with those you feel close to, your kin, your tribe: friends, family, loved ones. It's a time for enjoying the special relationships in your life, and taking part in activities that bring you joy: take a picnic to the beach, invite friends over for dinner, ride your bike, take a road trip. What ever it is, give yourself permission to do it, and enjoy it! In our culture we are in the work work work mindset. And while I love a good, hard days work, I think we often forget the importance of resting. And that for some of us we have to actively make time to do something fun and relax. But this time is so important, it is what creates balance in our lives. Allow yourself to have fun! Now is the time. Let's learn from the seasons, the seeds are planted, but it is not yet time to harvest, enjoy your life, in every way you can. We all have so much to be grateful for and there is so much to be celebrated. 

The summer I was 13 I was in Sweden with a friend, staying with a family, for Midsummer. They have such wonderful traditions and celebrations for this day. It is a day that is celebrated all over the world in many different cultures, but I was introduced to it from the Swedes and I think their traditions are so lovely. For the Swedish people it is one of the most important days of the year, and the main celebration is dancing around a maypole. I also remember eating the first strawberries of the season. What I love and remember most is riding our bikes out to a wildflower field and picking daises and making flower crowns. Something I am planning on doing tonight!
Another ritual that I plan on doing is to pick a bouquet of seven or nine different flowers and put it under my pillow while I sleep. If you do this, it is said you will dream of your future spouse. I'll keep you posted!

Happy Summer Solstice and Midsummer!


june new moon


Thunder Moon
Tuesday, June 19th, Gemini 7:02am PST

New Moon wishing! My favorite! I love New Moons, it just feels like an opening where anything is possible. I love calling new things into my life, it is so exciting and empowering. 

This is a rare New Moon, because it occurs in Gemini, the same sign as it did in May. This astrological sign of the twins is giving us a double opportunity to make wishes about our communication skills. 
So, if you made your wishes in May go back and check in with them. See how many have manifested; which ones have been fast or slow, or perhaps are stuck. Take notice as to why you think they have happened quickly or maybe not at all. Try to see if you can tell a difference in the way you are approaching each of them. Because how you do one thing is how you do anything. So, if something has shifted rather quickly for you, this is a great sign. It shows that you know how to direct your energy to what you want to bring into your life, you are clear about it. And all you need to do is apply that same energy to the others. If you feel stuck... not to worry. Be gentle with yourself. Most likely you are getting in your own way somehow. Try to find that place in you that is resisting for some reason, telling yourself you don't deserve it, or maybe you are worrying unnecessarily about it and not trusting the universe. I always surprise myself when I can see how I am preventing something I really want to happen from happening. It seems crazy, but we all have many little or big ways that we do this. But we can shift the energy by just being aware when we are doing it. Awareness. It can be that simple. 

This New Moon (like May's) is a powerful time to make wishes involving communication and manifesting what makes your life happier, in any area: relationships, business, a new behavior, with family... it is all possible through the energy of the smart, happy, social Gemini.  

For success all wishes must be handwritten on paper, and only ten wishes maximum are allowed. The most potent time is eight hours after the exact time of the new moon, but within the first 48 hours will still be ok. For clearer success avoid wishing when the moon is void of course. Also please note these times are for PST, be sure to convert them to your time zone. 

The most potent times for wishing in June are:

Tuesday, June 19th, 9:34am - 8:00pm
Wednesday, June 20th, all day and all night
Thursday, June 21st, 12:01am - 8:48pm

I encourage you to share your wishes with someone, or to leave a few in the comments. Sharing is caring, and every wish and intention and word becomes more powerful when you have witnesses. 

Also, Venus is still in retrograde through the 27th of this month. Venus holds the energy of pleasure and happiness and the enjoyment of life and all it has to offer in the realms of beauty and sensuality. If you are a creative person this is a great time to be expressing yourself. You may be feeling all of this energy swirling around you since mid May. I sure have... creativity and love have been fueling me through the month. And I have really been able to experience the joy of so many things, even how amazing the blueberries taste right now. The littlest things hold so much pleasure. 

This is a very happy time.

This vibe also flows into the energy of the Summer Solstice, or Midsummer, which is on Wednesday. I will talk more about that tomorrow. Until then...

Happy New Moon Wishing!



"... the phoenix mourns by shaping, weighing, testing, hallowing, plugging and carrying towards the light...”

-Anne Carson’s Nox

Sorry for the radio silence... I was at home in IL all week, and having a very frustrating relationship with the internet... so, I took a break. But am flying home as I type. This might sound strange, but every time I am in an airplane I am in awe that flying comfortably through the air, thousands of feet above the surface of the earth, is possible. It's crazy that we can traverse through time and space like this. I am continuously amazed that this is a reality.
We live in an amazing time people.



new Pet Shop Boys video by the awesome Brain Bress


my ten favorite things // ann faison \\

I am filled with joy to be posting one of my favorite people's Ten Favorite Things
I met Ann in 2001, on my first day of undergrad at Art Center. We were at orientation, it was also her first day there as the assistant to the head of Fine Art. I remember her so well, even down to her red skirt. But what I remember most was that I knew I wanted to know her. There is something radiant about her, she carries with her such profound wisdom and truth, and I could see all of this beauty the first moment I saw her. Over the years we have grown closer and closer, and today she is one of my dearest friends. Every day I am thankful for her in my life. She and her wonderful husband, Dave Muller, live in Pasadena with their two amazing girls, Grace and Frances. I feel even more grateful to have known the girls since they were born, and I think it goes with out saying that they are the two most magical and special little ladies I know. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with the Muller/Faison family, everything about them inspires me to no end. 
Ann is an amazing artist, and does beautiful drawings of trees, and is working on a new group of drawings of birds for her upcoming show in August. She is also a wonderful writer, and has published an incredible book, Dancing with the Midwives, and is currently working on her second book. I posted a while back about her book, and you can read about it on the website, where you can also find three great videos of Ann. She also has a blog where she posts writing and sometimes a drawing or two. And on top of all of this talent, she is a gifted healer!
Ann and her family are getting ready to move to Vermont for a year. Dreamy, right? So, I am extra happy that I got to document her ten favorite things before they leave in July.


 Feather collection
I started collecting feathers a few years ago when I began to notice pigeon feathers in my path.  I drew one for a friend and he remarked that it was a pigeon feather.  Until that day I hadn't even considered what kind of bird it had come from.  His comment made me think more about birds and which ones held significance for me.  Soon after that I started finding different kinds of feathers.  I don't keep them all but I hold onto the ones that mean a lot to me.  My favorite feather is the loon feather.  It's all white except for a triangle of black at the tip.  I was in a canoe with my two girls on a lake in Vermont feeling very lucky when the feather appeared alongside the boat.  I reached for it and the feather floated right to me.

I picked up this butterfly specimen in another lifetime.  I was living in NY in the late 1980s and I found it at a flea market in Chelsea.  I have never been able to find out what kind of butterfly it is.  On the back it says it was collected in 1894 and donated to a museum in 1919.  It comes from an era when everyday naturalists carefully collected specimens and preserved them for posterity, donating them to collecting institutions.  This lives on my altar, I keep it there to remind me of my own abilities to transform.

Deer Skin Shield
I got this last summer in Vermont at a trading post that I had heard about for a while.  Local native Americans from the Koas Abenaki Nation sell their handmade products there.  That summer in Vermont I had a few close encounters with deer and I went to the trading post with the intention of finding something for my healing room that would represent my affection and admiration for them.  When I saw the shield sitting on a crowded shelf I knew it was for me.  The man at the counter was surprised when I brought it up to him.  He said he'd had it more than 10 years and he couldn't remember anyone ever asking about it.  

My dear friend Lauren, who knows a lot about rocks and gems and has given me every crystal I own, gave me this magic piece of the earth.  Ever since it has graced my studio/healing room incredible things have been happening in there.  It obviously possesses supernatural powers.  It holds down the center of my altar.  I love the way it looks like it's bursting with energy like a perpetual flower.

Ashtrays are a thing of the past.  Soon cigarette smoking will be outlawed and ashtrays will be relics whose purpose people can only guess.  When I was growing up we had ashtrays scattered about the house even though no one in my family smoked.  Most people did so they sat around waiting for guests to use them.  I use this one to burn sage.  It belonged to my mother Sue.  She crossed the Atlantic on a french ship named SUZE and figured because it had her name on it she had a right to the ashtray.  But Sue had never stolen anything before and was cursed with guilt for the rest of her days.

Knitted Purse
I knit this purse a few years ago when I was just learning how to knit.  I started it without a plan or any idea  what I was making.  Experienced knitters often ask how I got the pretty edge on the front flap and I tell them I have no idea.  I have made many purses since but never one as lovely as this.

Book and cards
This little set comes with a fairy tale:  Once upon a time there was a woman who was ready to settle down and have a family.  One day her friends threw her a birthday party and invited her future husband.  Her future husband brought a birthday present.  A book about trees he had purchased at a ranger station in the Sequoia National Forest.  He knew the woman was very interested in trees and thought she would like the book.  He made a nice card.  Six years, a marriage, many hikes into Sequoia and two (really three) babies later he made another card that read, "somehow I think this all started with a book about trees."

Horse Tee
I love horses.  After our second child was still born it took a while for us to get pregnant again.  I wanted to be pregnant badly and sometimes wanting it that much makes it harder.  I was trying to hold my desire for a baby without clenching it.  I saw this tee shirt and it seemed to perfectly describe what I wanted.  To run free with my offspring.  I bought it and wore it like a totem as much as I possibly could.  It definitely helped.  I still wear it almost as much.

Frances' Drawing
Frances made this drawing around age three or three and a half.  It's is a cool age because they start drawing letters without really knowing how.  Frances was writing a story.  I wish I knew what it was.  Now she is five and just beginning to write out readable stories.  Writing is one of her favorite things to do.

Grace's Painting
My daughter Grace made this painting with her father when she was about three years old.  He cut the paper for her and wet it down and handed her some paint.  It hangs across from my bed so I stare at it all the time and I never tire of it.  A curator friend of my husband's saw it and thought it was a Sam Francis.  Now she is nine and a very good artist.  She still appreciates this painting as much as I do.

Thank you Ann!


the woods at night

So, I am being brave and walking the walk and sharing some writing.
A few months ago I joined a writers group to help me finish my thesis. This writers group is amazing! I can't emphasize its specialness enough. It has become the accelerator in my life for everything. I have learned that there is so much power in writing and even more so in sharing; something magical happens when you have witnesses to your voice. 
While I have been working mostly on my thesis, occasionally I will read something to the group that is personal. As I prepare to go home next week, a lot of emotions have been coming up for me about selling our family home. And I really wanted to document this moment and write about how much that house means to me. I read the piece below on the call last week and felt really good about it, and felt a nudge from the universe to share it. In sharing, I hope I am transforming the energy around this process.
So, here I am... sharing with you.

 The Woods at Night

My family home sits atop a large hill, nestled in the woods; tall trees surround it, keeping it safe and protected. When I was younger I used to be afraid of the woods at night, especially when I was alone in the house. The house has lots of very large windows, I felt so exposed and was always sure something was watching me, hearing the sounds of the woods but not being able to see a single thing. I felt scared to look out and into the unknown, and I always hoped nothing was there. But in the day, light falls into each room through skylights and floor to ceiling windows, it’s warm and beautiful. Each room has a view out into the treetops, in the spring the woods are full of blooming dogwood trees. It’s modern with its clean lines and open spaces, vaulted ceilings and carefully planed lay out.

My grandfather was an architect, Charles E. King. In 1988 he was in Architectural Digest’s top 100 architects issue. He very much fit into the Mid Century style of Neutra and Shindler. He designed and built this house for our family. It was completed just a few months after my brother was born. It seems so significant to me now knowing how amazing this gesture was, and what it gave to our family and how it shaped our sense of home. The house is so personal; it is part of our family’s lineage in so many ways.

It’s not just the house itself, but it’s also what it contains. Each room is full of family heirlooms and things collected during travels. But more than that, it is the physical space that holds thirty-one years of memories.

It holds my memories of growing up.


I have thought a lot about what it means to be an adult, and when exactly this ambiguous transformation occurs. When I was younger I always felt so much older than I was in calendar years. I think about the way I always acted as the member of the family that held everyone together. Was I placed in this position, did I volunteer? Regardless, it was too much responsibility for a young girl. And now that I am older I still play this roll for my family.

These days I feel very much like an adult, more so than I ever have. It has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with responsibility. I was just 28 when my mother died. I know people who have been younger; I’m not saying I was young. But it was a strange age to be. Because my parents were divorced I didn’t have the other parent taking care of everything. I was that person. I remember going to the funeral home and picking out my mothers urn, shocked not at what had just happened, but at the fact that I was the one in charge, and making all the decisions. There are fewer things in life that throw you into adulthood faster than the death of a parent.

I have talked a lot about how profound and beautiful and magical the moment of my mothers death was for me, it changed everything. But, I rarely like to acknowledge the practical side of how that moment changed my life. The biggest thing was that all of a sudden I owned a home. 

This house has come to represent so many things. All the joys and sorrows of growing up are woven together with the history of our family, and mixed together with the memory of my mother, especially because she passed away at home and it still holds all of her belongings.

It’s a complicated thing, this house.

I think I have always felt so free in my life because I knew I had this house to go home to. It was my home base, a place to heal and rest, a place to collect myself when things fell apart, a place to connect to my roots in a physical way.

I have held onto it for three years now. I haven’t been ready to let it go. I go home a few times a year to spend time there and take care of it. I take breaks from working and go and sit in my mother’s closet. I sit there and smell her smell, which is very faint after all this time, but still lingers. I look through her clothes and jewelry, take things out, admire and remember them, and then put them away where they belong. I put them away where they belong. For so long I felt I was spending time with her there. Like I was going home to be with her.

But now I feel this house is asking to be inhabited, and all this time I had been thinking that it was, by her. I am having to reconfigure my sense of home, and my understanding of the roll this house plays in my life. This year I have been going home when I can and starting to really get rid of things. Nothing too personal, I can’t bear just yet to get rid of a pair of shoes or a make-up brush, just the unsentimental stuff that has accumulated in the basement and garage and closets. I remember right after my mother died I wouldn’t let anyone eat anything in the refrigerator that was hers. Knowing that that is where I started, I think I have come a long way. Grief is fascinating.

I know I would never want to go back to the small town where I grew up and live in this home; part of that realization is heartbreaking for me. It is an acknowledgement of how much I have grown and the responsibility I have to my own life. In just a few months we hope to have the house ready to sell. Yet another experience requiring me to untie the strings that keep me tethered to this house, and even more so, to my youth. Part of me feels I will be letting go of a part of my family, and where I come from. How will this letting go change me? What will I do when I want to go home, and have nowhere to go? What will happen to the memory of my mother that lies in the configuration of her things? I am hoping that like all things surrounding my mother’s death, that it will be freeing, and more magical that I could have ever dreamed. But, I’m just not sure. I’m looking out into the void of night, the unknown, but this time hoping I am not alone.



a drawing i made while on the writers call

studio wall

a corner of a painting i have been working on for a new sculpture, i am super excited about it

busy coffee table

Sorry I didn't end up posting yesterday about Venus... it was a busy day, and besides, it will happen again in 2117, so I can post about it then. 
These last two weeks have been bananas, especially this week. Lots of work in the studio to wrap up before Friday. 
I shot a new My Ten Favorite Things yesterday! I can't wait to share it! It's amazing. Hopefully on Friday.
I've been spending lots of time seeing shows, so much great art up right now.
Also, spending every free moment I can with my dear friend Ann and her family before they move to Vermont for a year. 
Writing a lot. If I can muster up enough courage I might post something soon. 

But, until then. 
Happy Wednesday


june full moon // lunar eclipse


Strawberry Moon
Monday, June 4th, 3:12 am PST

What a magical two days with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse today, and then the transit of Venus tomorrow. I have been feeling the pull of this full moon so strongly. It has been tossing me all over the place, old thoughts and ideas have been coming up and I have been working hard to release them, let go and move onwards and upwards with expansion and excitement. 

If you are feeling a strong push and pull in any way know that this is the sun (in Gemini) and the moon (in Sagittarius) in opposition of one another. Just bringing awareness to it can help shift the energy.

Because of the combination of the full moon and the lunar eclipse falling on the same day, you might feel a lot of confusion in your life right now, uncertainty about how your future is unfolding. You might be feeling the pull of the moon even more strongly, and have a desire for more adventure and spontaneity! This feeling is a result of the full moon occurring in the sign of Sagittarius, you may be feeling a bit more emotional and perhaps careless. This could also result in feelings of needing to stir things up, move around, make changes, venture into the unknown, or take a leap of faith (you all know I have been feeling that strongly). Or, perhaps, a longing to seek broader more philosophical perspectives on our lives. This is a very restless time and energy. 

Whether it's an expansion of the mind or an opening through experience try not to base your decisions right now on logic, this will just create more limitations. Try to expand the way you see, the way you think, the way you interact with others. Because you may also be feeling an urge for freedom in your relationships. Sagittarius brings a deeper awareness of the need for personal freedom. 

If you are feeling a sense of frustration (I for sure have been feeling this), it's time to let go of unrealistic expectations we might have been holding on to. Try to stay present and open, you might be surprised by what shows up. Trust, trust, trust. 

These next three days are a great time to review your New Moon wishes you made in May. See how many things have already manifested. As always, try not to judge. Just bring awareness where you can, and see where you might be getting in your own way. This is a great time to rearrange your way of thinking, and bring some new light and energy to them. And if things have manifested easily and quickly that is great, just keep focusing on what is working in your life. It's like the water as it flows effortlessly down the stream, moving with ease around any obstruction. The best way to stay in motion and in the universal energy flow is to focus on what is occurring with ease and bringing joy into your life. 

These are the times when the full moon energy will be felt the strongest.
(remember these are PST)

Sunday - all day and all night, especially 1:29am and 4:32am
Monday - all day and all night
Tuesday - all day and all night - especially volatile 1:08am - 4:31am 
Wednesday - energy starts to calm

At the time of the eclipse, there is a Mutable Grand Cross configuration, involving the Sun, Venus, Moon, Mars and Neptune. This is a challenging alignment that represents a call for personal mastery in our relationships. It is our responsibility to examine our true motives for all of our significant relationships, and determine if we are living in harmony with our highest intentions and truth. This could bring up some difficult feelings, try to do this with love and tenderness. Honor your feelings and your truth, and move forward. Be sensitive that this might take some time to do, it's not easy to let go, especially when you are letting someone go. Know you are not alone. 

Tonight is a great time to clean your crystals or rocks. Just place them out in the light of the full moon, I always like to let mine sit out into the next day in the sunshine. 

Happy Full Moon!