a drawing i made while on the writers call

studio wall

a corner of a painting i have been working on for a new sculpture, i am super excited about it

busy coffee table

Sorry I didn't end up posting yesterday about Venus... it was a busy day, and besides, it will happen again in 2117, so I can post about it then. 
These last two weeks have been bananas, especially this week. Lots of work in the studio to wrap up before Friday. 
I shot a new My Ten Favorite Things yesterday! I can't wait to share it! It's amazing. Hopefully on Friday.
I've been spending lots of time seeing shows, so much great art up right now.
Also, spending every free moment I can with my dear friend Ann and her family before they move to Vermont for a year. 
Writing a lot. If I can muster up enough courage I might post something soon. 

But, until then. 
Happy Wednesday

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  1. I love seeing what's around your studio! Lots of interesting things happening.