june full moon // lunar eclipse


Strawberry Moon
Monday, June 4th, 3:12 am PST

What a magical two days with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse today, and then the transit of Venus tomorrow. I have been feeling the pull of this full moon so strongly. It has been tossing me all over the place, old thoughts and ideas have been coming up and I have been working hard to release them, let go and move onwards and upwards with expansion and excitement. 

If you are feeling a strong push and pull in any way know that this is the sun (in Gemini) and the moon (in Sagittarius) in opposition of one another. Just bringing awareness to it can help shift the energy.

Because of the combination of the full moon and the lunar eclipse falling on the same day, you might feel a lot of confusion in your life right now, uncertainty about how your future is unfolding. You might be feeling the pull of the moon even more strongly, and have a desire for more adventure and spontaneity! This feeling is a result of the full moon occurring in the sign of Sagittarius, you may be feeling a bit more emotional and perhaps careless. This could also result in feelings of needing to stir things up, move around, make changes, venture into the unknown, or take a leap of faith (you all know I have been feeling that strongly). Or, perhaps, a longing to seek broader more philosophical perspectives on our lives. This is a very restless time and energy. 

Whether it's an expansion of the mind or an opening through experience try not to base your decisions right now on logic, this will just create more limitations. Try to expand the way you see, the way you think, the way you interact with others. Because you may also be feeling an urge for freedom in your relationships. Sagittarius brings a deeper awareness of the need for personal freedom. 

If you are feeling a sense of frustration (I for sure have been feeling this), it's time to let go of unrealistic expectations we might have been holding on to. Try to stay present and open, you might be surprised by what shows up. Trust, trust, trust. 

These next three days are a great time to review your New Moon wishes you made in May. See how many things have already manifested. As always, try not to judge. Just bring awareness where you can, and see where you might be getting in your own way. This is a great time to rearrange your way of thinking, and bring some new light and energy to them. And if things have manifested easily and quickly that is great, just keep focusing on what is working in your life. It's like the water as it flows effortlessly down the stream, moving with ease around any obstruction. The best way to stay in motion and in the universal energy flow is to focus on what is occurring with ease and bringing joy into your life. 

These are the times when the full moon energy will be felt the strongest.
(remember these are PST)

Sunday - all day and all night, especially 1:29am and 4:32am
Monday - all day and all night
Tuesday - all day and all night - especially volatile 1:08am - 4:31am 
Wednesday - energy starts to calm

At the time of the eclipse, there is a Mutable Grand Cross configuration, involving the Sun, Venus, Moon, Mars and Neptune. This is a challenging alignment that represents a call for personal mastery in our relationships. It is our responsibility to examine our true motives for all of our significant relationships, and determine if we are living in harmony with our highest intentions and truth. This could bring up some difficult feelings, try to do this with love and tenderness. Honor your feelings and your truth, and move forward. Be sensitive that this might take some time to do, it's not easy to let go, especially when you are letting someone go. Know you are not alone. 

Tonight is a great time to clean your crystals or rocks. Just place them out in the light of the full moon, I always like to let mine sit out into the next day in the sunshine. 

Happy Full Moon!

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