So in a few hours I am off to Joshua Tree for Healer Training 4!
I am so giddy and excited I can hardly stand it!

I wanted to do a quick post of some great art I have seen recently. 

John Mcallister at Richard Telles.
This could be one of the best painting shows I have seen in LA in a long time. 
The colors!

Alison Schulnik at Mark Moore
I always really like her work, but this show raises the bar for her, I think. 
The shell sculptures kind of blew my mind. In person they are quite a sight!

Look Here, Upon This Picture, the group show at Cherry and Martin.

Annette Kelm at Marc Foxx. This is a GREAT show! 
It is one of those rare shows where you have to see the photos in person. 
They simply don't hold up virtually. I loved this show! 
This is the last weekend too, so scoot on over there. 

Then last night I saw the Gerhard Richter documentary. I LOVED IT!
So well done, and super interesting and surprisingly funny.
It was great! I would go see it again in a heartbeat. 
Watch the trailer here.  

And, if I were in town this weekend I would be at this!
Such a great line up. And right up my alley.
SO bummed I am missing it. 

Hope you have a magical weekend!

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  1. Lauren, wow amazing you got to see the John McAllister show in person... Also, how awesome, healer training in Joshua Tree... ya! Hope it was super fun:)