"... the phoenix mourns by shaping, weighing, testing, hallowing, plugging and carrying towards the light...”

-Anne Carson’s Nox

Sorry for the radio silence... I was at home in IL all week, and having a very frustrating relationship with the internet... so, I took a break. But am flying home as I type. This might sound strange, but every time I am in an airplane I am in awe that flying comfortably through the air, thousands of feet above the surface of the earth, is possible. It's crazy that we can traverse through time and space like this. I am continuously amazed that this is a reality.
We live in an amazing time people.


  1. Hi Laura:) here's to the new moon! xxoo v

  2. hi Vanessa!
    i was lucky enough to wear all of your awesome necklaces at the Ermie shoot yesterday. they are so rad! well done!

  3. Thank you Laura<3! Your sculptures for the shoot are breathtaking! My necklaces are feeling very stoked right now to be worn by such a lovely lady:) Love your work. I'm going to make that list you mentioned in your new moon post!:D