full moon // july


Thunder Moon
Tuesday, July 3rd, Capricorn, 10:52 am PST

Phew! Who can feel the power of the full moon? Energies and emotions are stirring. And it's time for reevaluation. The energy of this full moon is like a wind, rushing through us. It's bringing up lots of emotions, pushing us to make changes or perhaps even a move, calling us to let go of the old and embrace the new. It is asking us to make changes in ourselves, in our interactions, in our relationships... in everything. What needs clearing or adjusting? It's time to look around and evaluate how things are working for you. Look with honest eyes, no judgment. If you need healing, there is no better time than the present. What needs changing, perhaps you need to let go of it all together. It's always a bit scary and difficult to let go, but we must trust and remember we are always making room for something better. Always.

We can learn to use the energy of the moon to help support us. The sun is directly opposite the moon today, allowing the moon to be its brightest, it illuminates the night sky, the darkness. Allow it to be a mirror, and help reflect to you what changes need to be made in your life. Ask for it's guidance. This is an extra powerful time to change our ideas about ourselves. What do you want to instill in your life? A little ritual you can do tonight is take a piece of paper and write down a change, intention or commitment, fold it up and put it under a rock outside, in the earth in your garden, or even under a potted plant. Think of it like a letter to the universe; send it off, imagine that by doing so what you wrote will be worked on by the universe. Trust that it is being taken care of. You can stop worrying about it. I think there is a lot of power in an intention when it is placed in nature. Nature is the most powerful witness. The full moon is stirring up a lot in us all, it's what you do with those emotions, that energy, use it, ask the moon for support and assistance.  

You can also check in with your New Moon wishes if you made them. If some haven't manifested yet, just keep focusing on what is working, what is growing, what is showing up, what is bringing you joy. 

We can also learn from the Capricorn, the sure-footed goat who ascends higher and higher to greater heights up the mountain. Now is the time to start showing up for yourself. Take a moment and think about where you wish to be in 5 years, in 10... and don't be afraid to dream big! Everything is possible. Now is the time to start taking responsibility for creating what we want, for what we want in our lives and for what we want to become. The energy of Capricorn helps us gain integrity, channel our ambition, find inner strength, get organized and ground. 

This is an exciting time, we are readying ourselves, and our lives for what we want to call in. This is the opening between two moments, this time has more power than normal, power that can change the course of events. We can let go of who we were, and become who we want to be. 

If you have any rocks or crystals that need clearing or cleaning, place them in the light of the full moon tonight. I like to leave mine out in the sun the next day, especially now with midsummer last week, the suns rays are the longest and most powerful. 

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