new moon // july


Grain Moon
Wednesday/Thursday, July 17/18th, Cancer, 9:24pm PST

I have been counting the days till the New Moon. I've noticed more and more how hard Full Moons are for me. In the last two weeks I have been getting hit from all sides with lessons about letting go. Letting go of dear friends who are moving across the country, trying to let go of someone I love and long to be with, letting go of my mother's things and our family home... I am surrounded. I know loss is one of my biggest teachers in this life. The universe continuously hands me opportunities to grow from loss, and yet every time it shows up it never seems to get any easier. So, I am especially craving the kinder, gentler, more feminine New Moon. 

As I talk to more and more people it seems everyone is feeling some pretty intense stuff these days. Change is in the air, it has been since the beginning of the year, and with all of the eclipses, and then it only got stronger thanks to the last Full Moon. This time may feel dark and unforgiving, but we must ask for support, and trust that the rewards of our hard work are just around the corner. 

With the Moon in her own sign, Cancer, you might notice you have the ability to connect more to, and go deeper into your feelings. Time to get out of your head and into your heart. Cancer is the Mother aspect of the Feminine and rules nourishment and support. As a water sign she has fluid adaptability, and is gifted in empathizing and feeling with depth and sensitivity by becoming "one with" all that she comes in contact with. With Cancer's wateriness you might notice a heightened level of emotional sensitivity, moodiness, vulnerability, evasiveness or a desire to be more nostalgic than usual. 
Like the Crab, we might look pulled together on the outside, but are most likely going through some very vulnerable healing and adjustments on the inside. Be gentle with yourself during this time, as you might feel extra tender. You may also notice that you want to spend  more time with your family and those closest to you for protection and support. 

Cancer rules the 4th House, our home and our foundations in the zodiac. This is a time when your roots and your ancestral lines can be activated and easily called upon. You can acknowledge and give thanks to your linage, get in touch with the energy that connects you all together. That wisdom and power is ancient, and can help you through this next month.  

Also take the opportunity to make some new moon wishes (my favorite)! With the moon in the sign of Cancer, it is a great time to make wishes involving anything to do with your home, or improving relationships with those we are closest to: our family/tribe/kin.

Your wishes must be hand written on a piece of paper, and ten wishes maximum are allowed. The most potent time is 8 hours after the beginning of the full moon, but within the first 48 is ok. Just be sure not to wish when the moon is void of course. Note that these times are PST
The best times for wishing in July are:

Thursday, July 19th - 3:13 am - 9:00 pm
Friday, July 20th - all day and all night
Saturday, July 21st - all day and all night

I encourage you to share some of your wishes in the comments, or with someone you love. Having a witness to your intentions make them more powerful. I will share some too. 

Also, because Cancer is the ruler of the nourishing organs, such as the stomach, a healthy relationship to food is emphasized. This would be a great time to go to the farmers market and get some local ingredients to make yourself a meal. Give thanks to the earth and all the elements that provide us with such delicious food. You also might be having stomach troubles, or anxiety caught in that area. If so this is a clue that you are too caught up in the mental struggle. It's time to tap into the emotion and intuition of the belly. During this time it serves you better to feel your way through life, rather than thinking your way through everything. 

There are also solar flares occurring which has an effect on our electromagnetic field. Be gentle with yourself, take a fresh rosemary bath. Ground, connect with the earth, visualize your energetic roots. Get creative, expressing yourself is the best way to move that energy.

One last note, Mercury is in retrograde from July 14th to August 7th, encouraging us to become introspective and re-think our lives. It is time to go with in and reflect. 

Happy wishing!


  1. lauren <3 the new moon! even half moon dates are doing it for me lately. :) ha! xx v

  2. i love these posts so much, lauren. i can't get enough! one of my wishes is to have a new house by early next year. : )

  3. haha... Vanessa, you are so funny. ;) xo

    Joanna - you are so sweet - i love that you like these posts so much, really, it means so much to me, you are always so supportive! thank you. and thank you for sharing a wish! that is a great one! it's actually on my list too. xo

  4. Thank you so much for doing these posts; I look forward to them every month! It really makes one feel hopeful that the universe IS conspiring to send us good will and to make manifest our desires.

  5. sharing some of my new moon wishes
    - i wish to continue to grow closer to my family, especially my brother
    - i wish to find a new home for myself, a dream house, that i purchase with comfort, stability and ease.
    - i wish to be able to be with my soul mate/twin flame/love of my life. i wish to be able to be with him with ease, joy an grace
    - i wish for support, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually during the cleaning out and selling of my family home
    - i wish to be guided by spirit and be able to let go in my life with ease and trust during that process
    - i wish to continue to support my physical body as it grows healthier and stronger and has an abundance of energy
    - i wish to have a solo show at Richard Telles with in a year