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I am running out the door to catch a flight.


The above photo is a little sneak peek at what I have been working on. Seven new flower drawings for a little fête on the 26th - so mark your calenders. It is going to be fun and summery, more info to come.

Last night's first Midsummer Nights Crafts was so fun! Lili was magical and created such a lovely and lively evening. I can't wait for next weeks, Indigo with Britt Brown. Thank you Lili and to all the wonderful new friends I made, and to Shelter Half! (and thank you Elijah for baking the best olive oil cake i have ever had!)

Kate Miss introduced me to to Erika Spring's, formally of Au Revoir Simone, new solo album, loving it. 

Also still obsessed with Beach House's new album, Bloom. Lazuli has been playing over and over and over... and over. Of course my favorite song on the album is about a mineral! 

If I was in town this weekend I would be at Katie Grinnan's Astrology Orchestra at the VBB, in a heart beat. Right up my alley. I'm so bummed to be missing it. 

More MOCA news, John Baldessari resigns from the board. Their future is not looking good. 
* update * - Catherine Opie, Barbara Kruger and Ed Ruschas have all left, leaving no artists left on the board. 

And, I know this is not up to date, but I finally had a chance to read Jerry Saltz's take on Documenta. Brilliant. F-ing brilliant. 

Happy Bastille Day on Saturday! (takes me back to my time living there)

Last but not least, happy Friday the 13th! I am not superstitious, and my lucky number is 13, so I just look at today like any other day. But if you are superstitious... good luck.

That's all I have time for right now. I have to pack... eee!
Hope all of you have a lovely weekend!


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