put a gem on it

Over the winter I took a metal smithing class at Barnsdall. It was so fun! My mum was a silversmith, and made seriously amazing and incredible work. And now that I have all of her stones, tools, machines, I thought it would be good to learn how to use them. It was really special, and I felt it gave me insight and yet another connection to her and the way in which she created all the beauty she left in this world. 
We only had three weeks at the end to do an independent project, and I had been wanting to make some hair adornments. The hair comb on the top is brass with onyx and turquoise. The hair pick in the bottom two photos is brass with pyrite. 
Hoping to make more of these very soon, you might even find some in the etsy store around the holidays! Ya ya!


  1. The comb w/ onyx and turq! Blowing my mind! These hair gems are so magical the love is felt! Wow L can't wait to check etsy for one of these guys.

  2. Absolutely adore each piece! You could design jewelry.