The amazing Lee Miller. 
The power of this photo has stayed with me ever since I saw it years ago.
I have been thinking about it recently. 

Lee Miller was a model turned photographer. She was an assistant and lover of Man Ray while living in Paris.  She later became a photo journalist, and the official war time correspondent for Vogue during Wold War II. 
The photo above is of Miller in Hitler's bathtub. She snuck into his Munich apartment after the fall of Berlin in 1945.
She later explained, "I had his address in my pocket for years."

Miller's dirty boots are up against the outside of the tub. You feel her coming into this space of phobia, psychosis, and banality; having no choice but to violate it, destroy it with life, merge with evil, wash it and herself away, letting a part of herself go down the drain with history. - Jerry Saltz


  1. WHOA! so cool...lee miller. what a lady!

  2. This is amazing...I have never seen this...Lee Miller is one of my muses for the next collection :)
    So many parallels with your posts...decluttering, letting go of things...we'll have a lot to talk about tomorrow!

  3. ya! isn't she rad!?
    totally muse worthy!
    there are lots of great photos of her by man ray, check 'em out.

    can't wait to see you today! :)