blue moon // august


Friday, August 31st, 6:58 PST

We are very lucky during this month of August, as we get not one, but two full moons. Today the second full moon can be seen in the sky, it is known as a Blue Moon. The blue aspect of this moon is very healing. And it carries with it an energy that goes way back through time. Indigenous people and healers used this full moon to connect through their intentions of light to do good with their work. It is a moment where by connecting in this way an opening is created where intention, support and grace come back to people who are making a life of helping others. 

It is quite normal to feel extra emotion around the full moon, but especially this full moon, as it occurs in the sign of Pieces, an emotional water sign. Extra emotional energy is getting stirred up, it might even be psychic or perhaps even a bit fearful. There is an over-sensitive awareness of how your current circumstances might not be supporting all that you want your life to be, you will have an awareness of what is keeping you stuck. Perhaps it is taking on too much work, or too many responsibilities, or it may have you questioning weather you want to continue to take on so many duties in a close relationship. Those you are interacting with may be perceiving situations in a way that lead them to think that they are not being cared about, leading to ploys for getting more attention. Be aware of this, with awareness you have the choice to engage with it or not. Ground yourself. Search for the truth in your relationships,  and follow your heart. 

This is also an important time to let go of unhealthy patterns or baggage that we have been dragging around for a long time now. Let go of the things of the past that no longer serve your growth, release them. During this time we will also experience a Scorpionic focus on going into the shadow, the darkest depths of ourselves, digging deep to release everything that holds us down - people, beliefs, things, habits, etc... (as a Scorpio, this is my realm, I love it here). Messages will be coming to you, pay attention to them. They will guide you through this, trust them. You will be supported in seeking empowerment and transformation. It is what your soul desires - expansion. 

Tonight, in the light of the full moon, is a great time to preform a ritual that will help you release unwanted energy. If you have in mind something(s) that you know you are ready to let go of, perhaps lingering emotions of anger, a relationship that no longer serves you... whatever it is, you can write about it. This writing can simply be just naming what it is, it can be a letter to someone, or pages and pages about it. You get to decide how deep you want to go. Take this writing and burn it, transform it, and then put the ashes in the ground. It is up to you to use your creativity and preform this in whatever way feels right to you. 
Give thanks to all the elements, to spirit for it's guidance, to your heart for showing you your truth. 
Use the light of this full moon for transformation!


  1. Beautiful! Very insightful. I shared this post on my Facebook page :) Thanks! xo

  2. THANK YOU Alice and Polly! happy full moon to you both