i'm back

Sorry for disappearing.

I have been at home in IL working on our family home. And was without internet for a while, and then when it was fixed I was without time. There was lots to do, and I was happy to make a lot of progress. It was both somehow one of the hardest, and most magical and amazing weeks ever for me. 
But, I am in the airport, waiting to head back to LA, finally playing a little catch up. 

from around...

- Did ya know...  sharks are capable of virgin births? love it!

- It's no secret that I am crazy for Miss Didion. So, I was extra happy to hear of her return to Hollywood! Lord knows they need her... we need her everywhere really. 

- Some amazing photos of the beautiful and inspiring Baez sisters.

- Seriously...? This is really happening? 

- As a fan of anything that has to do with period costumes, anything by Mr. Cunningham, and dancing, I was happy to see this.  

- A Partial Inventory of Gustave Flaubert's Personal Effects, here.

- The final Midsummer Nights Craft night will be happening tomorrow. The talented Krissy Morrison of Thvm will be holding a dye class. I am super excited! Join us!

L’Atelier Brancusi by Edward Steichen, 1920

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