new moon // august


Grain Moon
Friday, August 17th, Leo, 7:54 am PST

I am Leo! Hear me roar! Today we begin a new moon cycle in the sign of Leo, focusing on the sun. I already feel a surge of the power and fire from the lioness within. This is a time to feel into our hearts, our will, our vitality... our purpose in this life! Take a moment and ask yourself: What is my purpose? What am I here to do? Don't be afraid, chances are you already know, even if you are pretending you don't. Just sit with it. Stand in it. Claim it. 
Leo is where our full creative expression of the self resides. Engage in anything that allows you to open your heart and feel the joy of expressing who you are in this lifetime. Allow yourself some space to be creative, and honor your unique gifts. Allow them to be expressed fully and freely with joy! Leo teaches us about courage, now is the time to harness your will power and courage, and go forth as the person you are meant to be in this life. 

With the new moon comes new moon wishes! YAY! My favorite! Because the new moon is in the sign of Leo it is a great time to be wishing about anything that has to do with creativity, this could be a current creative endeavor, or a project you have been wanting to start. You also may want to make wishes about anything having to do with children, or anything big or small that makes you happy in your life. It is also a good time to make any wishes regarding your romantic life. The things you have been wanting, perhaps all your life, can easily be manifested through the boost of this energetic and happy new moon!

Your wishes must be handwritten on paper, and ten wishes maximum. The best time to wish is 8 hours after the beginning of the new moon, but with in 48 hours will still work. And avoid wishing when the moon is void of course. 
Best times for wishing in August are (note all the times are PST):

Friday, August 17th - 7:45 am - 9:55am, and 4:33pm - 8:00pm
Saturday, August 18th - 8:01am - 3:26pm
Sunday, August 19th - 8:45am - 8:00pm

As always, I encourage you to share your wishes with someone you love and trust. Sharing is caring, and I am a firm believer that having a witness makes everything more powerful. If you wish, you may also share in the comments. 

Go forth my lion and lioness's! 
Be brave!
Be courageous!

image via ermie

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