fall equinox

Happy Fall Equinox!

I am home in IL, and it is amazing to be in a place where the seasons are changing. It is something I really miss in LA. You can feel summer and fall colliding in the air: the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze. In the dense woods, leaves are changing from vibrant green to shades of autumn. I was sitting in the woods yesterday and had an amazing experience with wild turkeys! They showed up for me as a totem, and a conformation, with such cosmic timing. 

Things at the house are going well. Lots of work getting done in between crying and moments of gratitude. Like the changing seasons, all sorts of emotions are colliding with in me. I am finding comfort being in sync with Mother Nature.

Honor and celebrate the Fall Equinox on Saturday, September 22 as the Sun moves into Libra. After the full out, open fruitfulness of summer, we stand at the turning point in perfect harmony with the light and the dark-equal day, equal night. We pause, honor and celebrate the fertility that has come into ripeness and the abundance and gifts we have received for our nourishment and support. We will now begin to draw our energies inward, gather and store, prune and eliminate, and prepare for the gifts the darkness of winter brings.

i can't remember where i found this info about the fall equinox... sorry.
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* also * a BIG thank you to Tigers to Lilies and Shop Pretty Mommy for doing posts on me!


  1. sending you Love & Positive Vibes, GF.
    one foot in front of the other.

    oh btw, it's decided, i'm taking you out to dinner when you return home.

    miss youuu xo!

  2. Your drawings are so amazing, you have really captured a beautiful bit of nature in each piece!