new moon // september


Fruit Moon
Saturday, September 15th, Virgo, 7:11pm PST

My favorite moon, the New Moon, is here! And that means New Moon Wishes! I have been waiting for them, this month it will be hard to narrow it down to just ten.
Who can feel the change in the air? You... me... everyone. It seems like it is all around us these days. Everyone is making such huge life changes: in their relationships, in their jobs, with where they live and maybe even who they live with... it feels as if a huge migration is taking place. And though it may be difficult right now, to let go and to change, it will allow for amazing new experiences and things to come in. As humans, it is hard for us to let go. But the truth is everything is always changing and shifting and moving. It is an illusion that things are static and stay the same. We want to learn to move with the energy current, it is carrying us towards greater things. Instead of thinking about what we are letting go of, let us instead think about what seeds we might be planting.

On Tuesday I fly back home to IL for the final push in what has become my mission these past six months of getting my mum's house ready to pack up and put on the market. This is a HUGE deal for me. It has been emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting. It has been some of the most difficult and amazing spiritual work I have ever done. It is my childhood home, it is where I grew up and it still holds my mum's things and her memory. While the thought of what I have to do while I am there over the next two weeks brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it, I know it is right. I know it is time. It is a huge change, a huge letting go for me. But, I know it will create so much space in my life for my own home and family. And that is what this year has been all about for me. It is a change that is heartbreaking, but I welcome it with an open heart, because through this loss I find creation.
And this is the perfect moon for all the tasks that have to get done to make this happen!

Because this New Moon is in the sign of Virgo it is a perfect time for bringing completion to any organizational task you have been avoiding. We all know where we want to be, but how to get there is sometimes overwhelming. Now is the time to get serious about what needs to get done to get you there. Commit to a new action plan and set some goals. Show the universe you are serious by taking one step at a time towards something on your list. Break it down, make it manageable, but keep moving forward, keep tending to it, keep reaching for it. If you feel lost as to how it is going to happen, try not to focus on the how, but on the WHAT and the WHY. If you can stay clear about what it is that you want and why... the how will just happen.

It's time to get wishing! Your wishes must be handwritten on paper, and ten wishes maximum are allowed. The most potent time to wish is eight hours after the time of the new moon, 7:11pm PST, but within the first 48 hours will still work.

And as always, if you want to make your wishes more powerful share them with someone you love and trust. You can even leave them in the comments.
Everything is more powerful with a witness.

Happy Wishing!

image: Spectral Haze : IVAN IANNOLI


  1. this is EXACTLY what i needed to read today - thank you L for this ... i carry your words with me.

  2. cheer up buttercup...
    or... just feel exactly the way you feel... ;) no harm in being grumpy (it IS SO hot! and you ARE pregnant!)
    you are doing an amazing job! :)
    sending you love, xoxo