There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

Carl Jung


  1. can you explain what you think this means please???thank you x

  2. well... i THINK it means...

    that our darkness, our shadow, holds power. it is where our truth can be discovered. and that sometimes uncovering and feeling our deepest truth is painful.

    it means that by going into our own darkness we find our truth, sometimes truths that we have been repressing, ignoring, forgetting, not feeling. truths that we are denying ourselves, and therefore we are denying ourselves from being whole. we are often turning a blind eye to the truth, because it can sometimes be painful to face, or to feel. sometimes it can be even more painful to face than it is to repress it. but we must do this! we must own it, and hold on to it, it is ours and no one else, and that empowers us. by going INto the darkness, the void (this is the soul, the female), where there is NO THING, there lies the possibility of every thing. and that just by owning it we have the power to transform it.

    it means that pain is wisdom.
    that we shouldn't try to heal with the intent to get rid of it, we need to find a place for it within us. honor it. respect it. pain that lies in the truth holds so much power. we need to integrate the darkness with the light. that through this integration we become more of who we are. we become whole.

    it means that so many people avoid their own truth, at any cost to themselves and the ones they love. and even this alone causes so much heartache, and a kind of pain that leaves you feeling disempowered and lost.

    i posted this thinking of my dearest friend who has rediscovered his own truth, and has been so brave in honoring it and following it. even though it is causing him so much pain. but i know he is transforming it and will walk through it. he is creating the life he deserves from this painful place.

    i posted this thinking of myself. i am going through my own pain right now. deep and profound pain about the truth of my heart and my feelings. and for the first time in my life i am able to stand in my pain. because it is my truth in this moment. and i feel empowered by it. through the transformation of the pain into wisdom it has given me fire! the fire i need to honor my own truth. to face anything that comes my way.

    with love, L

  3. Strong words! 'we shouldn't try to heal with the intent to get rid of it, we need to find a place for it within us. honor it. respect it.' I wish you well on your journey. I was watching a documentary today about gangs in LA, where I saw a grown man, who'd just been shot by an enemy, making peace with his enemy the next day. He was shaking and stuttering in absolute fear, but he kept going. It made me think about true strength & empowerment in facing our biggest fears. xx

  4. wow, thank you so much for writing.
    what an amazing and inspiring story. it inspires more bravery in me.
    and thank you for your well wishes.
    sending you starshine, L

  5. i just wrote down this quote so that i can remember it too. i think it is brilliant and true and i want to thank you for sharing it*

    LOVE YOU, GF xo!

    yes ! it is super powerful !
    one to keep coming back to

    love you GF! xoxo