full moon // october


Hunters Moon / Harvest Moon
Monday, October 29th, 12:49 PDT

Wowzers! Ha! That's the only word I can think of to sum up what has been happening all around us and to us since the last New Moon. Things are getting intense! And not just busy and emotional, but profoundly intense. It seems as if everyone is dealing with the Scorpio energy of death and rebirth, both symbolically and literally. Usually we don't have to look far to get a read on what is happening with in us, we just need to look to nature, and we can see so clearly that the energy right now is dark and deep and intense! Lots of hidden and shadowy energy is being kicked up right now: storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, even that the days are growing shorter and darker. So, what can we do to support what wants to come through us?

Now is a great time to be making space in your life. Clear out a closet, give away the old to make way for the new. Clear areas where you feel the energy can't flow naturally. Feel you are preparing your life for how you want to shape your future. You may even need to do some clearing emotionally, take a look at how you treat yourself and your close relationships, and make adjustments so that they become more supportive of your dreams. Get rid of what isn't in service to your highest good. You also want to be making space to generate and feed the natural cycle of life: things (lessons, possessions, money, people) come and go, move in and move out, die and are reborn. 

Also, Full Moon's are very intense on your physical body, this one especially. So be sure to keep the energy flowing within through movement. You may also be having a hard time sleeping, it's ok, it's just the moon. But be sure to also make time for activities that YOU enjoy, and have some fun. It will help keep things light and in balance during this time of intensity. 

I am a Scorpio, and love it's energy, it is where I feel alive and at home. If things seem too intense for you right now, it probably means that you need this energy more than anyone. Surrender to it, darkness is part of life. Everything in our universe has dark and light. You have to have both. We naturally have both in us. Embrace it, nurture it, ask it questions, dive deeper into it. I promise you, in the deepest darkness of yourself, there is amazing wisdom to be found. 

Happy Full Moon!

Sarah Blood

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