new moon // october


Hunter's Moon/Harvest Moon
Monday, October 15th, Libra 5:03 am PST

The time for wishing is upon us! You might have felt some intensity in the air lately. We have just come through one of the most challenging full moons of the year, one that might have pulled us in to dark places. And with Saturn shifting into the sign of Scorpio {I couldn't feel more at home right now, since this is my sign} for the next two years, we are all getting some big lessons and feeling the energy of this sign, which teaches us about empowerment, death, rebirth, desire and sex. This is an intense time of transformation!

The New Moon is in the sign of Libra this month, and it is a great time for making new wishes about marriage, partnership, balance, harmony, cooperation and peace. Things you have wanted to bring into your life for a long time can easily be manifested through the boost of this harmonious new moon. 

Your wishes must be hand written on paper, and ten wishes maximum are allowed. For best results make your wishes eight hours after the exact time of the new moon, but within the first 48 hours will do just fine. 
For some reason this month it feels important while wishing to be present and mindful while writing. Choose your words carefully. Be intentional while writing. Feel the emotions of each wish, imagine them happening. Light a candle, cut some rosemary, create a special space to ground your wishes. 

And as always, share your wishes with someone you love and trust, it will give them more power to have a witness.

Happy Wishing!

"Arcrobats," 1932, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


  1. powerful stuff...

    and i can't believe that it's already been ONE YEAR since our harvest moon tea ceremony!!! wow times flies for reals!


  2. I KNOW!!! i was just thinking that the other day! :)

  3. Oh no! I missed the October moon! There is an intensity in the air. I am still going to sit and write with candles and rosemary. The image is too beautiful to not make happen :)