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- I love relatively unknown historical art movements... ones that are based on a specific and uncommon skill or surprising material. Tinsel paintings at the American Folk Art Museum. 

- Are you smart enough for gifted kindergarten? Find out here. I'm happy to say I am 100% ready, but I think I only did well because the test was visual... if math or spelling were involved, forget it. 

- Super interesting, The Island Where People Forget to Die.

- A great little piece about Theosophy. I'm secretly, or not-so-secretly now, interested in theosophy and the occult. 

- For my birthday I gifted myself a Past Life reading that was life changing! It was beyond! Anyway, during it I had a suspicion confirmed, that in a past life I was a midwife. So, needless to say I am looking forward to seeing this

- A fascinating study about why children hide by covering their eyes. This part I found most interesting:
In both studies so far, when the children thought they were invisible by virtue of their eyes being covered, they nonetheless agreed that their head and their body were visible. They seemed to be making a distinction between their "self" that was hidden, and their body, which was still visible. Taken together with the fact that it was the concealment of the eyes that seemed to be the crucial factor for feeling hidden, the researchers wondered if their invisibility beliefs were based around the idea that there must be eye contact between two people - a meeting of gazes - for them to see each other (or at least, to see their "selves").
"... it would seem that children apply the principle of joint attention to the self and assume that for somebody to be perceived, experience must be shared and mutually known to be shared, as it is when two pairs of eyes meet," the researchers said.

Sven Lukin, Jenni Rope, AndrĂ© Durst, 1939


  1. You must email me details about your past life reading!
    I have been wanting to do this!!

  2. Or even better-- lets make a lunch date!