spencer studio news

I am super excited to share that three Spencer Studio Vintage Photograph Drawings are in the Etsy Holiday Pop-up Shop in SoHo! I am so thrilled (and flattered) to be among such great shops that have been chosen, and with such amazing curators like Waris, Ilana Smithkin, Tavi Gevinson and Martha Stewart.
The shop opened yesterday and will be up until the 8th of December. If you live in New York be sure to check it out. And they have a great line up of workshops! More information here

There are no more vintage photograph drawings in the Spencer Studio shop. But I am taking custom orders. More will arrive Spring 2013.


Last year, I did some work for the lovely Alyson, who contacted me wanting to update the look of her cute blog, Unruly Things. Well, a year in the making and it is finally up!! Head over to check it out. Watercolored ink drop, masking tape, tags for gift guides, and scroll all the way down to the bottom to see an antique drawer pull... all done by yours truly. 

and... sorry for the lack of posts. i've been going through some things, taking it moment by moment, day by day. i will be back soon. i promise. 


  1. your work is truly lovely lauren! are you doing any shows in los angeles for christmas time? i was wondering about your lack of posts, and also the different nature of what you're choosing to post about. seemed like love was making a great shift in your life and then it all stopped. i was really enjoying those quotes and images.

  2. Thank you TESSA!! so sweet of you. no shows in LA ... yet.

    and mostly thank you for this comment, you are like a little angle that is shinning light on something i needed to hear and remember. love WAS making a HUGE shift in my life. :) an amazing love. and i have been going through a hard time with some heartbreak, but it is no reason to give up... your comment has inspired me to refocus, back to what is so important... love. thank you for that reminder, it guided me back.