full moon // december


Night Long Moon
Friday, December 28th, 2:21 am PST

This is the last Full Moon of 2012. There is no better time for letting go of the past and looking to what lies ahead, especially with the wind of 12/21/12 at your back. Take some time to shift your gaze to your future. With your new moon wishes in mind, and the things you let go of on the 21st, use your imagination to create the future you want for yourself and those you love. Cultivate this image in your minds eye and in your heart. Each one of us has the power of creation. Now until the 1st is the perfect opportunity to plant some seeds. Get your garden ready to grow. Do the things you need to get done to allow movement towards your goals. This season is a good one for going inward and tackling the inner personal work you need to be doing. This is also a really powerful time for wishing. Spend some quality time on your own and focus on where you want to be going, what you want for yourself, and the dream you have for the world you wish to see.

Full Moons hold the energy of reflection (as they are a literal reflection of the Sun's light). Let the light be your guide to look within, let it reflect to you the truth of where you are, and let it show you the path you need to take to get to where you wish to be. 

Because this Full Moon is in the sign of Cancer, you and those around you may be feeling extra emotional. Emotions are stirred by Full Moons, but given that this one is in Cancer expect lots of emotions to be coming to the surface. Take the time to honor them, what ever they may be. And be extra loving and patient with yourself and others during this time. 



Irving Penn, New York, 1980.



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Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is a very important day, not only does it mark the beginning of winter, and is a day that holds the most darkness, but it is also the day in the Mayan calender where we end the age of separation. This is the end of thousands and thousands of years, and a return to a time of union and wholeness. A time of relationships. 

Take a moment today, before midnight to do a special meditation and ritual. Light a candle, create a sacred space, an alter, gather the things that you hold as sacred or meaningful... even if it is just one thing. Sit down in this space, feel the air, listen to the sounds, notice the light, the smell, the taste in your mouth... and imagine an ancient time when your soul knew wholeness and union. Your soul has a memory of this time, use your imagination to go here, ask it to take you back thousands of years. Ask yourself what part of your personality are you willing to let go of to be in wholeness again. Trust your intuition, it is never wrong. Ask yourself again, what is another aspect of your personality that you are willing to let go of to live in wholeness once again. And ask if there is a third. Make a commitment to yourself starting today to go forth in your life with the intention of living in wholeness and union from with in. Ask the magic of the universe and nature to support you in doing this. Ask for the awareness to catch yourself when you are coming from any of the places you just listed for yourself, and to make the conscious choice to not come from these places. Say this out loud in your own words. Write these things down on a piece of paper. Fold it up, and if you can, burn it. If not tear it up and bury it in the ground. 
This is a very important time of transition, not only for this lifetime but for all of those that have yet to come.

Lechuguilla Cave



It has been four years since my mum passed away. 
Not a day goes by where I don't think of her and miss her. 
Even now, I still have moments where I pick up the phone to call her. 

Today I celebrate her.
I celebrate her heart, as it was the most giving I have ever known. I celebrate her warm and loving nature, her talent and creativity, her kindness, her integrity, her style, her willingness to always go above and beyond for anyone she loved, her natural beauty on the inside and out, her adorable sense of humor, and her bravery. Today I will remember and hold close to my heart all the times that I can remember with her; times we would laugh ourselves silly, times that she took care of me and then the times I took care of her. I will remember all the ways she was amazing. She taught me what it is to love unconditionally. I am so grateful for every moment I got to spend with her, each one I hold in my heart. She was integral in shaping who I am today. Even in her passing, she gave me one of the two greatest gifts of my life. Holding her hand in that moment and being witness to her was the most profound, beautiful and magical experience of my life. 

Today I celebrate her, who she was in her life, and all the ways she lives on in me.  


new moon // december


Long Night Moon
Thursday, December 13th, 12:42 am PST

This is the last New Moon of the year, and just a week before the major transitioning point of Winter Solstice. This is a time for focusing on what we have and what we want in our lives. And let go of thoughts where we are focusing on what we don't have, what has been lost, or what once was (this last one is very hard for me). Try to really be clear about what you want to call in to your life. And most of all, cultivate and nurture that part of your heart that trusts that magical things are coming your way. New Moons are important, because they carry the energy of forgiving the past and starting anew with renewed commitment. They are all about new beginnings. 

This is a difficult time of year for a lot of people, but something about this year seems particularly hard and unforgiving. So much so that to write about it is difficult for me, I feel at a loss to describe the feeling in me and around me. And maybe I don't have to describe it, but only acknowledge it. And acknowledge it to you, if you are like me and going through a really difficult time, know you are not alone. This is something I need reminding of myself. I have a good friend who has been so supportive and he tells me, "some days, all you have to do is hang on, it's all you can do, and that is enough." 

Now on to the part I really need right now... wishing!
As the moon is in Sagittarius it is a great time to make wishes about traveling to places you have always wanted to go, or places in which you would like to be more optimistic in your life. You are allowed ten wishes, maximum. And all your wishes must be hand written on paper. The best time to wish is eight hours after the exact time of the New Moon, but within the first 48 will do. And don't forget to share your wishes with someone you love (to me this is the most important ingredient).

Also, use this time to reflect. Before you write your wishes take a moment and feel all the things that make winter magical: the stillness, the silence of snowfall, the darkness of the day, the peaceful feeling even with the harshness of the cold, the starkness of the trees that have been exposed and who have lost their leaves, ready to be reborn in the coming season. Even nature is slowing down, reflecting, gathering strength to face a new beginning, knowing that Spring is coming it's way. 

Happy wishing to you all!


book stand @ tomboy

My lovely friend Claire has a collection of her amazing books at Tomboy.
There is a little party to celebrate on Friday! 
(   there is also a little custom Book Stand sign by me!   )
I already swooped up one of Unified Fields limited edition tote bags. They have been hand dyed in the Atlantic Ocean... I mean... it just doesn't get any better than that!

This is just the beginning of wonderful things to come from Book Stand!
I hope to see you there! 

Also, check out the site... lots of great books... anyone would be lucky to receive one of these special books this holiday season. 

holiday cards

Stop into Cookbook to pick up a hand printed holiday card made by... you guessed it... me!
I just delivered them yesterday, grab one while they last. 

Also, peak in their No.2 shop. It is full of perfectly curated, beautiful holiday gifts. 

1549 Echo Park Ave.


indian summer - fall

I thought I would share some photos from late summer through fall. 
I have a cold, and have been in bed for two days... gives me some time to play catch up. 

Once a month for the past seven months I have been going home to IL to clean and clear out and work on our family home. It is finally on the market. It was so much work, but ultimately a labor of love. On the left is the road that leads to our neighborhood. On the right is our lake, that has been in our family for over 100 years. 

Among my many tasks at home, the biggest was cleaning out my mum's silversmithing studio. Not a glamours job as it was a mess. But, I did get to spend an afternoon carefully boxing up all her gemstones. 

More packing and cleaning out the garage.

In August one of my dearest friends got married in Ojai! It was such an amazing day full of so much love! Remember this invite I worked on? And check out photos of the beautiful flowers done by the talented Lili. 
Congrats C & S!

At the reception. Lili and I having some laughs around the bonfire. The lovely Lili with her man, Elija. 

Afternoon walk on my street. And weekly goodies from Cookbook

More flora and fauna. I love the pink afternoon light!

I have been bonkers for making jam! I can't seem to make enough of it. Here are two special jars. And Ava, having a rest with her monkey. She has a hard life.

Lots of studio time. Working on a new series of paintings of the woods at night. Here is one of the panels, working on it to get it dark dark dark which takes a very long time. On the right, afternoon studio light on an older, weird piece from school.

The sweetest birthday dinner ever with Lili at Cortez (my favorite place and my favorite cake, Basque Cake, it's what my dreams are made of). The most adorable birthday flower crown made by my magical friend Jane Anne. 

Staying cozy as winter approaches. Writing thank you notes with some homemade yogi tea with homemade almond milk. On the right, beautiful flowers at dusk from Lili.

I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving in Ojai with a friend and her amazing family. On the left, feeding one of my favorite little ladies, Clementine. On the right, taken on a morning run. 

Picking persimmons (my favorite) in their orchards. 

Dominique's dolmen. A drawing I just finished for a friend. 

Venice in the morning. 


i will

I'd stand in the shadows of your heart and tell you I'm not afraid of your dark.