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Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is a very important day, not only does it mark the beginning of winter, and is a day that holds the most darkness, but it is also the day in the Mayan calender where we end the age of separation. This is the end of thousands and thousands of years, and a return to a time of union and wholeness. A time of relationships. 

Take a moment today, before midnight to do a special meditation and ritual. Light a candle, create a sacred space, an alter, gather the things that you hold as sacred or meaningful... even if it is just one thing. Sit down in this space, feel the air, listen to the sounds, notice the light, the smell, the taste in your mouth... and imagine an ancient time when your soul knew wholeness and union. Your soul has a memory of this time, use your imagination to go here, ask it to take you back thousands of years. Ask yourself what part of your personality are you willing to let go of to be in wholeness again. Trust your intuition, it is never wrong. Ask yourself again, what is another aspect of your personality that you are willing to let go of to live in wholeness once again. And ask if there is a third. Make a commitment to yourself starting today to go forth in your life with the intention of living in wholeness and union from with in. Ask the magic of the universe and nature to support you in doing this. Ask for the awareness to catch yourself when you are coming from any of the places you just listed for yourself, and to make the conscious choice to not come from these places. Say this out loud in your own words. Write these things down on a piece of paper. Fold it up, and if you can, burn it. If not tear it up and bury it in the ground. 
This is a very important time of transition, not only for this lifetime but for all of those that have yet to come.

Lechuguilla Cave


  1. a resounding YES! thank you. beautiful post, beautiful one. so love and enjoy your words, they always ring so true to my own heart's chords. may your day be sweet and the divine known to you.

  2. Love this, exactly what I need to hear. xo