full moon // december


Night Long Moon
Friday, December 28th, 2:21 am PST

This is the last Full Moon of 2012. There is no better time for letting go of the past and looking to what lies ahead, especially with the wind of 12/21/12 at your back. Take some time to shift your gaze to your future. With your new moon wishes in mind, and the things you let go of on the 21st, use your imagination to create the future you want for yourself and those you love. Cultivate this image in your minds eye and in your heart. Each one of us has the power of creation. Now until the 1st is the perfect opportunity to plant some seeds. Get your garden ready to grow. Do the things you need to get done to allow movement towards your goals. This season is a good one for going inward and tackling the inner personal work you need to be doing. This is also a really powerful time for wishing. Spend some quality time on your own and focus on where you want to be going, what you want for yourself, and the dream you have for the world you wish to see.

Full Moons hold the energy of reflection (as they are a literal reflection of the Sun's light). Let the light be your guide to look within, let it reflect to you the truth of where you are, and let it show you the path you need to take to get to where you wish to be. 

Because this Full Moon is in the sign of Cancer, you and those around you may be feeling extra emotional. Emotions are stirred by Full Moons, but given that this one is in Cancer expect lots of emotions to be coming to the surface. Take the time to honor them, what ever they may be. And be extra loving and patient with yourself and others during this time. 

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