indian summer - fall

I thought I would share some photos from late summer through fall. 
I have a cold, and have been in bed for two days... gives me some time to play catch up. 

Once a month for the past seven months I have been going home to IL to clean and clear out and work on our family home. It is finally on the market. It was so much work, but ultimately a labor of love. On the left is the road that leads to our neighborhood. On the right is our lake, that has been in our family for over 100 years. 

Among my many tasks at home, the biggest was cleaning out my mum's silversmithing studio. Not a glamours job as it was a mess. But, I did get to spend an afternoon carefully boxing up all her gemstones. 

More packing and cleaning out the garage.

In August one of my dearest friends got married in Ojai! It was such an amazing day full of so much love! Remember this invite I worked on? And check out photos of the beautiful flowers done by the talented Lili. 
Congrats C & S!

At the reception. Lili and I having some laughs around the bonfire. The lovely Lili with her man, Elija. 

Afternoon walk on my street. And weekly goodies from Cookbook

More flora and fauna. I love the pink afternoon light!

I have been bonkers for making jam! I can't seem to make enough of it. Here are two special jars. And Ava, having a rest with her monkey. She has a hard life.

Lots of studio time. Working on a new series of paintings of the woods at night. Here is one of the panels, working on it to get it dark dark dark which takes a very long time. On the right, afternoon studio light on an older, weird piece from school.

The sweetest birthday dinner ever with Lili at Cortez (my favorite place and my favorite cake, Basque Cake, it's what my dreams are made of). The most adorable birthday flower crown made by my magical friend Jane Anne. 

Staying cozy as winter approaches. Writing thank you notes with some homemade yogi tea with homemade almond milk. On the right, beautiful flowers at dusk from Lili.

I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving in Ojai with a friend and her amazing family. On the left, feeding one of my favorite little ladies, Clementine. On the right, taken on a morning run. 

Picking persimmons (my favorite) in their orchards. 

Dominique's dolmen. A drawing I just finished for a friend. 

Venice in the morning. 


  1. Lauren! i LOVED this post so much. your photos are so beautiful and i absolutely appreciate your color palette (always). this post made my night, actually. i love that you and i have become such close friends and looking through this i am so honored that i am included so much. thank you.
    i thoroughly enjoyed going back through memory lane with you and look forward to doing it (hopefully) soon.

    you're my gem. i hope you know it. and you shine so brightly*


  2. ;)
    like i said to you - looking through the photos and putting together this post, i realized that most of the fun things i do, i do with you! :) i am so lucky you are one of my dearest friends. and my neighbor. how did i get so lucky!>?


  3. what a beautiful life. your photos are a beauty <3