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- an interesting read about the difference between pleasure and joy by Zadie Smith for the NY Review of Books

- this short video about color takes me back to my days of Color Theory in school. Light and color are endlessly fascinating to me

- loved this article in the NYT's about why you won't be the person you expect to be... and that's a good thing... I think.

- a video of the great talk at the Hammer between Catherine Opie, Alec Soth and the Rodarte sisters

- no one will be as excited as I am about James Frazer's The Golden Bough being newly available as an audiobook

- click through this amazing slide show of Contemporary Cultural Icons on Feminism 

- see - Laura Owens new show 12 Paintings by Laura Owens

- video interview with the inspiring Mary Heilmann

- and last but certainly not least, my dear friend Scott will be leading a workshop this weekend for any of you who are interested and live in LA, called Discovering the Voice of Your Heart. Read more about it here. (i am one lucky duck and got to run part of the workshop with him this week and it is a-maze-zing.) 

my favorite painting in the Matisse show at the Met. if you are in NY make sure to see it before it comes down in March. It's an amazing show!

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  1. I listened to two of these (the Mary Hellman interview and the panel at the Hammer) and was in complete awe--both really got me thinking. Thanks!!