january // full moon


Wolf Moon
Saturday, January 26th, 2013, Leo, 8:38pm

Before we get into everything, can we just take a moment of acknowledgment and gratitude? I feel like these last few months have been really hard for everyone: mentally, emotionally and physically (i don't know one person who hasn't been sick... i have a theory). And after the transition on the 21st and with the beginning of a new year I feel the energy in the next few weeks should be lighter, there is a sense of expansion and forward movement, and a sense of completion from what opened up for us on the 21st. Just take a moment right now, and how ever your like, acknowledge the people in your life that have shown up to help you grow: people who have been teachers or guides or partners, people who have delivered lessons even if they were painful, people that have been supportive and loving... whoever it is. Also really acknowledge yourself, for having the courage to face life, for looking deep within, for uncovering things that are sometimes hard to see, for feeling things that are at times painful, for being brave and being willing to reach though all those difficult moments for something magical you know is waiting for you on the other side. Acknowledge your darkness and your light, there is wisdom in both. Take a moment to acknowledge how much you have grown, how fortunate you are. Have gratitude for the times you have fallen down and for the times you have been willing to take a great leap and risk. Acknowledge your wounding, your pain, your anger, and your fears. Take a moment to acknowledge your heart, your body, and one thing you know you are really good at. Acknowledge they ways you give to others, how you love, how you allow yourself to be loved, how you allow yourself to be seen. Take a moment to acknowledge your willingness and ability to change, to surrender, to trust, to heal, to love. You are so rich with experience and knowing. Don't let it go unnoticed.  

Because this moon is in the sign of Leo, the big question is, "Who am I?" That's why it's good to take time to look at the self, and acknowledge all that it is. This is also a powerful time to connect to the sun. Use Leo's relationship to the sun, let yourself be seen fully for who you are. Leo's don't hide! Tap into your inner Leo, into your heart, your fire, your confidence, radiance and self expression.

If you live in LA, take time to be grateful for the rain we have been having. It is so nourishing and cleansing (i love the rain). I feel it is important around this full moon to be in the sun and feel the power of the sun, if you live somewhere where the sun is shining brightly, take some time to feel it's rays on your skin, feel it's heat (i also love the sun, it does something to me, and it always makes me so aware of my body, i love feeling it on my skin). The sun can be very healing.


  1. if i ever forget to tell you how much i adore your moon posts, well - i do!
    you have such a way with words and insight and i always look forward to them. i love that it's your way of reflecting every month and it always hits the mark. oh, the moon.

  2. awwww.. Kel... you make me blush!
    thank you thank you thank you.

    oh, the moon
    how i love thee